As an EFSL team, the Lisbon Bullsharks is required to maintain a certain ratio of swimmers from each category in our roster.
To enroll, your child must pass a swim test with minimum standards to swim front crawl/freestyle 25-50m, and be in one of the categories below:

(1) Children of military persons living and assigned outside of their home country;
(2) Children of government employees who are living and assigned to positions outside of their home country;
(3) Children of persons employed by the military or the government organization sponsoring the team and not a resident of the receiving state (This includes children of government contractors);
(4) A youth attending a DOD, DND or a recognized equivalent school sponsored by a sending state;
(5) Children attending an EFSL eligible international school and not themselves or dependent children of residents of the receiving state; or
(6) Children of persons assigned in NATO positions including those of the receiving state.

Tryouts are normally held for the Fall/Winter season in late August/early September, and for the Spring/Summer season in late Feb/early March. You and your swimmers are welcome to observe our practices at the Aboboda Piscina (map https://goo.gl/maps/gaCYT88gBNM2). 

Please review all pages under our New Swimmers tab before applying on the How To Join page.

More questions? Please contact lisbonbullsharks@gmail.com