Mira Costa High School

Code of Conduct

Dear Mustang Athletes, Parents, & Fans,

Our school stepped up its sportsmanship efforts to emphasize what is truly important in educational athletics. We feel our coaching staff, student-athletes, student body, and spectators benefited as a result.

We are proud to see that through our efforts, all of these groups displayed exemplary behavior at our events. We have raised their expectations and reminded everyone that the true goal of educational athletics is to educate. It’s not about wins and losses. It’s not about championships or remote dreams of earning athletic scholarships to college. It’s about learning. Learning the values taught by athletics - especially respect - is what sets school sports apart from other levels of competition. It’s why school sports exist. 

As a society, we’re bombarded with the message that winning is everything. Not everyone can win every game or finish first all the time. But everyone can practice the Golden Rule – treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated – and adhere to the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

This year, we'll continue to incorporate the themes of the Pursuing Victory With Honor (PVWH) campaign into our athletic programs. This successful nationwide program reinforces the need for sportsmanship in athletics. We will again hold PVWH trainings for all head coaches, assistant coaches, athletes, and parents to discuss the themes and importance of PVWH. These trainings will continue as we move through this school year and will continue in the future. Included in the discussions were the themes and mission of PVWH, guidelines for behavior and the examples we expect our athletes, coaches, and spectators to set at athletic events, and ways to help student-athletes incorporate PVWH into their lives. As a representative of ours, your actions are scrutinized by family and friends, opposing fans, the local community, and the media. They will reflect back upon us. Good sportsmanship will say positive things about you and our school and remind us all that in the end, sport is meant to be fun.

We look forward to serving you in the year ahead and appreciate your continued support.

Go Mustangs!


Guide to Sports Parenting:  https://1.cdn.edl.io/JCajBKNLFyxfOJMHcZgFX3voOLUlOKiFqWAtCsYINwsqjt2g.pdf

Code of Conduct for Athletes:  https://1.cdn.edl.io/A00gDRXk6Gp1MzUWogZyECmeqq7gZxI2Eo6CTV2GmTUjj8Db.pdf

Code of Conduct for Spectators:  https://1.cdn.edl.io/0IUS0byYqZg5Bh9Arvm2RWhx0CfyVlH38i7USw6jXlVCbUbY.pdf

Code of Conduct for Coaches:  https://1.cdn.edl.io/SST6Dyx5c2X4pQnpxC3EA8JDBEwpMME5feaHwvo6pO7NQHYi.pdf