MCHS Instructions for Using 8to18 Online Registration Module (6/7/18)


To register for Mira Costa H.S. Sports online, use the following instructions:

  •  Go to (no www )
  • If you have registered previously, enter your Email address and Password in the respective text boxes and select Let’sGo!

Note: If you have registered previously, but have forgotten your password, select the “Did you forget yourpassword?” link, enter your Email address on the next screen and select the Send recovery link” box. An email with a recovery link will be sent accordingly.

  • If you have not registered previously, select Create an Account”, enter your Email address, enter a
Password  , re-enter the password a second time, and select “Let’s Go!
Please note: please store this logon information with your other logons and passwords as you will use this logon (your email address) and password combination throughout your child’s (children’s) high school career(s).
  • After successfully logging on, click/select “Begin Registration
  • Under Step 1 – Select Activity, click/select the bullet next to the sport your child will be trying out for/participating in,then select the Continue to Step 2 button
  • Under Step 2 – New Participant OR Select a Participant,
  • If you have not previously registered any of your children, you will be brought to the New Participant screen
  • For Your Relationship to the Participant, select your relationship (Father, Mother, Legal Guardian, ) from the drop-down box
  • Please complete all required Participant Information – Indicated by asterisk (*).
  • Note: the participant information is for the student, not the parent.
  • Please complete all required Emergency Contact information - indicated by asterisk (*)
  • When finished entering Participant Information and Emergency Contact information, select the
  Continue to Step 3   button
  • Under Step 3 – Primary Parent/Guardian Information, complete all required Parent/Guardian Information – indicated by asterisk (*). When finished entering Parent/Guardian Information, click/select Legal box and then select the Continue to Step 4
  • Under Step 4 – Physical Form, if you need a form to take to the doctor, you may print it here by clicking/selecting the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form (pdf) Please note: your athlete must have a current physical on file in order to begin practice. Physical forms are due to the secretary in the Admin Office by Thursday, July 20th.
When finished, select the Continue to Step 5 button
  • Under Step 5 – Legal Forms, “These documents must be reviewed and accepted, click to open in a new window”, you must do the following for each
  • Click/Select the form (it will open in a new window)
  • Read each document, advancing to the
  • When you and your child have finished reading the documentclick/select the Guardian and Participant check boxes at the button of the document indicating your agreement/acceptance of this policy and authorizing your child to participate in this activity; then select the green Accept button.
  • When finished, select the Continue to Step 6 button
  • Under Step 6 – Summary, you will see a confirmation of your Registration information including Participant and
  • Click/Select the Finish button to complete your registration or click/select the Add Another Registration button to register another child and/or register for another activity (if you child will play multiple sports).
  • Your child is now registered on 8to18.  Remember to turn in current physical and athletic/activity emergency card to complete the process.