Mira Costa Swimming  - FAQs


Is swimming a “cut” sport?  



What are the teams and how many swimmers make each team?

There are technically 4 teams:  Girls/Boys Varsity and Girls/Boys Junior Varsity (JV).  Training and meets are all coed, and Varsity & JV swim meets are run together with alternating heats.  There will be approximately 24 girls and 24 boys selected to both Varsity and JV teams.


When is the tryout?     

The tryout occurs in the fall and the date is announced after the start of school. The tryout for the 2023 Costa team has occurred already and the teams have been selected (see Team Rosters page).  If you would like to be placed on the email list for swim team information for next year, please contact [email protected] with the student’s name and grade.   


All swimmers MUST try out to make the team.  If a make-up is absolutely unavoidable, which is by coaches’ discretion and PRIOR approval only, it will be swum with the pool “as is”, meaning there will be no electronic timing system (stopwatch only) and possibly no lanelines or blocks if they have been removed for Girls Waterpolo (our tryout falls during Girls Waterpolo season).  


What is the tryout?

The tryout consists of a 100 free, 50 fly, 50 back & 50 breast as 4 separate events.  The start will be off the blocks, unless a swimmer chooses to dive from the side of the pool.  


Are there time requirements to make the team?

Technically no, but generally speaking, in order to make the teams, Varsity girls usually swim under 1:02 per 100 free and boys under :54s. For JV, girls usually swim under 1:15 per 100 free, while boys are under 1:03.  


Should my child be on a swim team now if interested in trying out next fall?

It will definitely benefit any swimmer to do so.  There are several options for swim teams around the south bay, including Alpha Aquatics, Surfside Swim Team, Swim Torrance, Riptides/Bay Club, Beach Cities, South Bay Aquatics and Dolphins.


How are teams selected?

Teams are selected based on tryout times, event-needs for meets, relay considerations, as well as team culture.  All roster decisions are made at the discretion of the coaching staff.


Is it possible for swimmers to be moved from one team to another during the season?  i.e. Varsity to JV or vice versa?

Yes.  Based on training/meet attendance, attitude, and effort, swimmers may be moved from one team to another at the coaches’ discretion.  


Is swimming graded?

Yes, Costa Swimming is a graded class.  The grading system will be explained once the rosters and team are determined, but attendance & effort, as well as attitude, in both training and meets are at the core of the grading system.  


When does swim season start?

Once a swimmer has been selected to the team, Pre-Season training will start after Winter Break; ALL swimmers are expected to attend Pre-Season training*.  The Pre-Season training schedule will be dependent on available pool time (Pre-Season falls during Girls Waterpolo season), and may include morning pool and/or gym sessions.


The actual competition spring Swim Season training begins the Monday after February Break, and swim meets run from that first week through the beginning of May.  


*the only excused swimmers from Pre-Season training are those actively enrolled in a Winter sport at Costa (not independent PE).  


What is the swim meet schedule?

The 2023 meet schedule is posted under the Season Schedule tab.  We have both home and away meets - on days with away meets, all those swimming will be excused from their classes early.  Swimmers are expected to wear their Costa Swimming t-shirt or varsity polo to school on all meet days.


Do swimmers have to stay for the entire swim meet?

100% yes.  Promoting a positive, fun and inclusive team culture is at the heart of Costa Swimming.  It is expected that all swimmers cheer for and support one another during meets.  For this reason also, there are to be absolutely NO ELECTRONICS (phones/iPads/laptops etc) out or in use during swim meets, from the time swimmers arrive on deck until after the meet has finished.  Any electronics in use may be confiscated by the coaching staff and returned at the end of the meet. 


How are swimmers transported to “away” meets?

For the "away" meets that take place in the south bay (PV, Peninsula, Redondo) there is generally 1 bus (seats about 50 swimmers) and all others will need to carpool. A bus sign-up will be posted on Team Unify prior to each away meet, and swimmers must reserve a spot on the bus in order to ride on it because we run out of space!  Parents are asked to help carpool and bring swimmers to/from the away meets.  Under no circumstances are swimmers allowed to drive other swimmers to meets.


What is Team Unify?

Team Unify is the online site where swimmers will “attend” or “decline” each swim meet, sign up for buses, and where parents will sign up for the volunteering jobs during the season (Snack Shack, timers, etc).  You will get more information about this in January at the parent informational meeting (likely a Zoom).  


How can I buy team uniforms and apparel?

Shortly after swimmers are notified of their placement on a team roster, parents will receive an email directing them to the Team Store to purchase apparel for the season.


Is there a Parent Volunteer requirement?

Yes.  Each family is required to volunteer 12 hours during the season.  For the 2022-2023 swim season, Mira Costa will be running two 2-day swim meets:  South Bay Invitational and Bay League Championships, in addition to dual meets and other events.  Volunteers (snack shack, timers, runners, etc) are needed for all of these events to run smoothly and in a timely manner.  



Does Costa have any divers?    

Any Costa students who are current club divers and wish to compete for Mira Costa may contact Coach Ariana Silva: [email protected]  In order to compete for Mira Costa in the CIF championship meet, a diver must qualify during the season by competing in a local invitational diving competition first.  Please reach out to Coach Silva for specific information regarding diving.