Meet results are posted as soon as possible, some time between right after the meet and a day or two depending on when the home team sends us the files.  They are posted to the Events Page (in PDF copy so everyone can see the points and times) and in the Team Unify Database.  You can see those results by clicking on "My Account" and then "My Meet Results".

Below is how to see Live but UNOFFICIAL Meet results.



Live but UNOFFICIAL Meet results can be viewed either from the Meet Manager Mobile app called Meet Mobile.  This is as close to "live" data as you can get, this means there are/will be errors that will be corrected as the meet results are reviewed and the events are scored.  Please remember these are unofficial and subject to change at any time.  The app posts them as soon as it sees what it considers "good" results.  Good results are ones where the two Dolphin watches are close to having the same time.  It doesn't mean the times are realistic or even with all the correct swimmers.  This is why we review all results before scoring.  If a time looks odd, it will most likely be caught during review.  It will be updated in the apps after it is corrected.


For the Android App click HERE or use the QR Code:





For information on the Meet Manager Mobile Iphone App click HERE