Our Swimming scholarships are designed to provide a personalised approach to swimming. Our Elite Swim Squad competes against international schools, as well as international stages like the European Junior Championships and World Championships. The squad boasts several national champions and record holders in several countries.
Heading up our Swim Squad is wife and husband duo, Larisa Mogutova and Ivan Bunakov. Larisa is a former International swimmer from Russia and Ivan has a Masters in Physical Education & Sport, specialising in Swimming. Ivan holds the highest coaching certification of Level 5 from the American Swimming Coach Association (ASCA). They are dedicated to their team and will often travel to support the athletes at their biggest national and international events.
Our Swim squad trains a minimum of seven to ten times a week depending on individual needs and physical development. The swimming programme is equipped with well-balanced land training which includes weights, yoga and Tabata (a high intensity short training).
Our Swimming Scholarship includes:
Swimming scholarships are based on meeting Triple A and above times as stipulated in Age Group Time Standards, in several core events.
In the following round, your family will attend an interview with either the Principal or Head of School. The interview will be to find out as much as possible about your family and how Nexus can tailor its scholarship programme to you.