Niskayuna High School Graduates Rowing in College


Hannah Bachert- University of Rhode Island 

Julia Dalakos- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute #


Arielle Behar- Duquesne University 

Kathryn Ellis- University of Delaware 

Tierney Ellis- University of Delaware 

Xavier Fallone- Bates College 

Jack Lombardo- University of Alabama #

Emily Meade- Rutgers University 

Hannah Meade- Rutgers University 

Madelyn Rogers- Boston University


Marina Angelopolous- Union College 

Katherine Molina- Syracuse University 

Julia Walters- William Smith College 


Jill Armenia- Tufts University 

Noah Chaskin- US Naval Academy 

Elyssa Connolly- St. Lawrence University 

Danielle DeGuid- State University of New York at Albany #


Gideon Schmidt- Cornell University - 2017 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Champion- Men's Lightweight 8+


Kevin Koste- Yale University 

Gabrielle Lambeth- Marist College 

Rea Mittal- Penn State University #

Greta O’Hara- Ithaca College 

Rachel Padula- Cornell University 

Annie Stoessel- Georgetown University 

Sophie Wissoff- University at Buffalo 


Hannah Conklin- University of Vermont #

Trena Jones- Merrimack College 

Anjelica Torcivia- Syracuse University 


Michael Barnes- Northeastern University 

Paul Danielson- Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Maura Griffith - Trinity College 

Julia Mason- Bates College - 2 Time NCAA Champion

Ally Mayo- University at Buffalo 

Hannah Sive - Washington College 

These rowers (and coxswains) are either currently on their college team, have competed on their college team and have graduated, or have committed to row for their college team in the upcoming year.

# denotes that the college team is a club, and does not operate under the University Athletic Director and is not governed by the NCAA/IRA.