Niskayuna High School Graduates Rowing in College


Emily Liguori- Marist College 

Jennifer Liguori- Marist College 


Ethan Conrad- Union College  - 2021 Liberty League Champions- Varsity 4+

Sally Harper- Union College 

James Schmidt- Drexel University

Dara Weingarten- Mount Holyoke College


Hannah Bachert- University of Rhode Island  - 2021 Atlantic 10 Champions- Varsity 4+

Ben O'Connell- SUNY Geneseo #


Arielle Behar- Duquesne University 

Kathryn Ellis- University of Delaware 

Tierney Ellis- University of Delaware 

Xavier Fallone- Bates College 

Jack Lombardo- University of Alabama #

Emily Meade- Rutgers University 

Hannah Meade- Rutgers University 

Madelyn Rogers- Boston University


Marina Angelopolous- Union College 

Katherine Molina- Syracuse University 

Julia Walters- William Smith College 


Jill Armenia- Tufts University 

Noah Chaskin- US Naval Academy 

Elyssa Connolly- St. Lawrence University 

Danielle DeGuid- State University of New York at Albany #

Gideon Schmidt- Cornell University - 2017 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Champion- Men's Lightweight 8+


Kevin Koste- Yale University 

Gabrielle Lambeth- Marist College 

Rea Mittal- Penn State University #

Greta O’Hara- Ithaca College 

Rachel Padula- Cornell University 

Annie Stoessel- Georgetown University 

Sophie Wissoff- University at Buffalo 


Hannah Conklin- University of Vermont #

Trena Jones- Merrimack College 

Anjelica Torcivia- Syracuse University 


Michael Barnes- Northeastern University 

Paul Danielson- Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Maura Griffith - Trinity College 

Julia Mason- Bates College - 2 Time NCAA Champion

Ally Mayo- University at Buffalo 

Hannah Sive - Washington College 

These rowers (and coxswains) are either currently on their college team, have competed on their college team and/or have graduated, or have committed to row for their college team in the upcoming year.

# denotes that the college team is a club, and does not operate under the University Athletic Director and is not governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the Intercollegiate Rowing Association.