Niskayuna Rowing Determined to Continue Programming After Severe Storm Topples Tree Destroying Seven Boats

Niskayuna Rowing

Facing a catastrophic blow from Sunday’s, July 28, 2019 storm, Niskayuna Rowing is determined to continue is programming.  Seven boats were declared “totaled” after winds swept through the area and a tree crashed on outdoor racks destroying seven boats.  Niskayuna Rowing is reaching out for the help and support of the community and we are asking for your donations to rebuild our fleet and allow our Middle School athletes the opportunities to train and compete.  Even though insurance will cover some of these damages, the total impact to the program is closer to $100,000.  With the loss of these boats, we are down 40 seats for budding rowers. 


Niskayuna Rowing is a strong community-built sport in the school district.  “With a program 100-athletes deep each season, we are committed to the students of this school district.  We are determined to continue to run our 7-12 grade program, expressed Varsity Head Coach and Program Director Stacey Apfelbaum.    


Rowing is an expensive sport to run and most of the programs' equipment is purchased with funds raised by the athletes and their families.  While the School District is a big supporter of our program, Niskayuna Rowing is responsible for the purchase of all equipment.  We will try to salvage what we can from this mess, but the bottom line is that all of these boats will need to be replaced. 


The impact this sport makes on the community is far-reaching.  The students who started rowing in these older boats have grown up through the program to become NY State AND National Champions.  Many have gone on to earn scholarships and to compete at the college level. 

Arielle Behar, rising Sophomore at Duquesne University, started rowing for Niskayuna Rowing in 7th grade. 


“Nisky Rowing has molded me into the person and athlete I am today.  The boats that were damaged were the ones that started it all, the ones which I crossed my first finish line, the ones I was in when I met the coaches at Nisky who would change my life. It was in those boats that my love for the sport was sparked.  I would not be a Division 1 rower today without Niskayuna Rowing’s modified program, which gave me the foundation to continue rowing through high school and beyond.  If not for my beginning in the modified program, I would never have had the opportunities that led me to be a collegiate rower today.”