Volunteering for Nisky Rowing

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.  The organization's paid staff consists of our Program Director and the coaches.  We are fortunate to have staff that goes above and beyond for our athletes and to make the organization a success, but they they can only do so much.  In order to thrive, we rely on family and friends of our rowers to handle many of the tasks necessary to support the team both at the boathouse and at regattas.  

Coaches have a specific job: training their students to be better rowers.  Coaches are not responsible for managing the rowing programs.  They do not handle registration of rowers, maintain finances, or raise funds to keep costs down.  Niskayuna Rowing volunteers do these things. 

Coaches do not organize for the away regattas scholastic teams attend; volunteers do.  Volunteers also chaperone these trips, as well as ensure that all rowers and coaches have everything they need to be successful.  

Coaches are not responsible for maintaining the equipment required for Crew.  They do not repair damage to or do routine maintenance on the launch engines.  Volunteers do.  Volunteers maintain the shell trailer and chuck-wagon.  Dock-in and dock-out would be impossible without the help of volunteers.  The safety of Niskayuna Rowing’s facilities is greatly enhanced by the work of volunteers who participate in seasonal boathouse clean-up days.  Niskayuna Rowing also arranges repairs and maintenance for the shells, oars, radios, cox-boxes, and so much more.

The bottom line is volunteers keep costs down.  Without volunteers program fees would go up dramatically.  If you want these programs to continue, then VOLUNTEER!  Niskayuna Rowing needs you! For more information, contact [email protected] or click here to see upcoming volunteer opportunities.