Spring Rowing 2021

Niskayuna Rowing

For Spring Break Fitness at Cross Fit Apr 6 and 8, use this link:


Spring Registration Information 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Spring Season for Niskayuna Rowing!

Below is all the information you need to register.

Registration opens 12/15/2020

The pandemic has caused us to look at what we do and find safe and creative ways to stay fit and connected. We will continue with the land program we developed in the late fall using a combination of Weightlifting, outdoor cross-training, independent and Zoom erg workouts. This training is effective in building strength, endurance, agility and skill: all of which will move us closer to our goal of being fast on the water. When weather permits, we will put the docks in and resume practice on the water. We will follow NY state guidelines regarding social distancing and group gatherings.

Spring High School Team                                                              

Dates: 01/04/2021– 6/05/2021

Coaches: Stacey Apfelbaum, Sabrina Skotarczak, Sean O’Brien, Erin Czupil

The High School program consists of the Freshmen/Novice and Varsity teams for boys and girls and is open to all Niskayuna School District students in grades 9-12.

Novice rowers are those in grades 9-12 who have had no previous rowing experience.

Practice begins on Monday, January 4

We will continue with 1x/week strength training, 2x/week outdoor cross-training, 2x/week remote erg work. Exact times and groups tba.

Spring Modified Team                                                 

Dates: 1/4/2020 – 6/05/2021

Coaches: Kate Meade, JieJie Bennett, Sophie Westfield

The Modified Program is open to all Niskayuna School District Students in grades 7 & 8. Practice begins on Monday, January 4. We will continue with 2x/week outdoors and 2x/week remote/Zoom.

There is no organized practice over February Break.

Before registering, please read the following important requirements and information:

Family ID and PHYSICALS REQUIREMENTS: Niskayuna CSD requires a current physical be on file and that all athletes be registered through Family ID. (Family ID replaced the old Gray Card.)  Athletes who competed in the fall season will need to register with Family ID by Jan 30. No student will be allowed to practice nor participate with any team without the required physical examination and completed forms. There are no exceptions.

Niskayuna FamilyID Website: https://www.familyid.com/niskayuna-csd-athletics

NSCD requirements can be found here: http://www.niskyschools.org/athletics/requirements.cfm

Medical Forms: The FNR Medical Authorization Form must be completed and mailed to the Program Director to complete the registration process prior to participation. Rowers are not allowed to participate until the completed form is submitted. The form is found here:


Mail the completed form to :
Niskayuna Rowing

PO Box 9357

Niskayuna, NY 12309

REQUIRED SWIM TEST: All new rowers must pass a swim test. Swim test consists of a 150 yard swim (clothed for the first 50 yards, 100 yards with swimsuit), followed by 10 minute tread (with swimsuit), followed by donning of a life jacket while still treading water Bring a t-shirt and shorts to wear over the swimsuit for the clothed portion of the test. Swim test times tba.

TRANSPORTATION: Families will be responsible for their own transportation through March. It is possible, but not guaranteed, we will have bussing available to us beginning in April.

RACING SCHEDULE: At this time, no regattas are scheduled; however, the NYSSRA Board has several different options they are developing for the State Championships. We are scheduling a series of dual meets in our region. While they may not be the traditional regattas we are used to, there will be plenty of racing opportunities for the spring for both HS and Mod athletes.

THERE WILL BE PRACTICE DURING SPRING BREAK. ALL HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND. High school athletes will have double sessions, Modified athletes will row in the afternoons only. Exact practice times TBA.

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  This year we have gone to a new payment system offering monthly payments throughout the season. We offer several discounts for multi-rower families, full payment upfront and for those athletes who participate in a school sanctioned other sport or activity.  

Contact the registrar for prorated fees if registering in March, April or May at [email protected]

Boys/Girls High School fees:  $1,200

  • $50 Registration Fee must be paid by credit card 
  • Choose monthly payments OR pay in full 
  • Automatic monthly payments of $230 on 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 6/1 (fees totaling $1200)
    • After registration, choose credit card or e-checks for monthly payments (go into "my account" to change your payment method for monthly payments)
  • Pay in full and receive $50 discount (fees totaling $1150)  

Modified Boys/Girls fees: $1,000

  • $50 Registration Fee must be paid by credit card
  • Choose monthly payments OR pay in full 
  • Automatic monthly payments of $190 on 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, 6/1 (fees totaling $1000)
    • After registration, choose credit card or e-checks for monthly payments (go into "my account" to change your payment method for monthly payments)
  • Pay in full and receive $50 discount (fees totaling $950)  

Sibling Discount: $230 (Monthly payments will get a $46 discount each month)

Multi-Sport Discount: A refund of $230 for HS and $190 for Mods will be issued after registration.

Coxsain Discount: Coxsains will receive a $100 credit at the end of the season.

COVID Safety Protocols:

We realize that in the time of COVID, there are risks to participating in group activities. We think rowing is the perfect "socially distant" sport and have had a very safe fall using these protocols:

  1. Athletes will be questioned regarding health of self and family and if they have traveled outside of NY state.
  2. Masks are required when on land at the boathouse.
  3. Stay 6 ft apart when doing warm-ups or any land exercise or working on boats.
  4. Locker rooms are closed. Please try to arrive at the boathouse dressed for practice. The bathrooms/portajohn will be open.
  5. After hanging bag on outside hooks, step down and return to front of boathouse from the waterside path.
  6. Use hand sanitizer before touching any equipment.
  7. Carry your own oars to the dock.
  8. At the end of practice coaches will sanitize boats; athletes will sanitize and put away oars.
  9. More hand sanitizer before heading home.

Anyone who tests positive or has a family member test positive will be required to quarantine for 14 days (or as outlined by County Health directives.) They may require contact tracing or leave it up to us. Our policy is that we would require a negative test or 14 day quarantine to return. Should more than 5 team members test positive, we will close the boathouse for two weeks.

In the event that our program gets shut down or moved to virtual due to the pandemic, we will continue to offer programming and structure and contact with our athletes. We are unable to offer refunds. We will however consider offering a credit towards future programming.

This program is in line with the Governor's regulations regarding recreation and youth club sports and follows the guidance of the County Health Department and USRowing. It is similar to what other rowing programs in Section 2 and New York State are offering in scope and cost.

Any questions about programming? contact Program Director Stacey Apfelbaum at [email protected]

Any questions about registration? contact Registrar Kris Lowney at [email protected]

Be a Warrior!



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