2023 Camp Offerings

Oakland Rhythmics offers Introductory Camps, Junior Camps, Advanced Camps and Elite Camps weekly, Mondays through Fridays at East Hills Middle School

Check back at a later date for Summer 2023 Camp Announcement!

Featured Coaches: Mia Tanaka Hong, Megan Murrell, Charlene Edwards, and Guest Coaches 

Contact Karyn Glover at [email protected] or 248-770-9158 with questions.

See below for camp information.

The Introductory Camp is perfect for students aged 5-8 who are new to Rhythmic Gymnastics. This 2-hour camp runs from 9:30-11:30 am and teaches basic flexibility, tumbling, and rhythmic gymnastics skills. Tuition $185/wk.

In addition, the gymnasts have the opportunity to experience all five apparatus (rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, and clubs). At the end of the week the campers show off their new skills and perform a fun routine. 



The Junior Camp is for dancers, skaters, gymnasts, and rhythmic gymnasts (ages 7-14) participating in ORG's Level 3-5 competitive team. The three hour camp runs from 9:30am-12:30 pm

This camp develops strength and flexibility through daily rhythmic training. In addition, the gymnasts experience various dance styles including Jazz, Character, Ballet, Contemporary, etc.  The campers learn technical proficiency with all five rhythmic apparatus' and give a showcase performance at the end of each week.


The Advanced Camp is designed for Rhythmic Gymnasts who have competed in Levels 5-10. The camp runs from 9:30am-12:30pm.  

The athletes  are challenged with advanced rhythmic training, mastery apparatus handling and elite body skill development. In addition, the gymnasts train rigorous dance techniques including ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, character, etc.  At the end of each week, the gymnasts demonstrate high level performance routines.

The Elite Camp is designed for Rhythmic Gymnasts who have long-term goals to compete in Levels 6-10 at a National Championships. The camp runs for two hours in the afternoons/evenings.  It is open to competitive gymnasts around the country.  In addition to the training provided in the Advanced Camp above, these athletes add an additional 2 hours of focus on developing choreography and skills their competitive routines for the upcoming season.