Information on this page for the season will supersede all information on the website regarding our club policies and guidelines.


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.



  • MONDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2022 @ 12:01AM
    • returning swimmers
    • swimmers enrolled in the 2021
  • MONDAY FEBRUARY 21, 2022 @ 12:01AM
    • new swimmers
    • former stingrays
  • Year Long Club and Recreation Swim Clubs;
    • Year long club and Recreation Club swimmers are classified as "Exhibition Swimmers" under Swim Alberta rules
    • We do not accept exhibition swimmers until all eligible swimmers have a chance to register between Feb 14 - May 1, 2022
    • You can add there name to a waitlist with the [email protected]
    • The registrar will contact you regarding registration


74 spots available for swimmers age 5 - 18

  • 12 spots for swimmers age 5-7 with the Galaxy Rays
    • need to swim 15m unassisted and
    • comfortable in deep water
    • approx. swimmer 4 level


  • 62 spots for swimmers age  7 - 18
    • all abilities and sizes welcomed
    • should have a deep love of swimming, yearning to master the strokes,  love to race, make new friends and have fun
    • swim positive attitude



  • Swimmers are placed in Group 1/ Galaxy Rays for a first year swimmer age 5-7. Swimmers are placed in Groups for ages 7 - 18 based on experience, skill and age and commitment.
  • Assessment week will take place the first week of swim practice. Coaches will observe swimmers to determine their final Group placement by May 7, 2022. If your swimmer has been with the Stingrays before we will contact you if we have placed them based on previous experience.


Atlantic Stingrays and Pacific Stingrays

  • 30 spots available
  • Coach: Bronwyn Tarrant and Rob Knox
    • committed to practice attendance
    • committed to attend 7 out of 9 meets; including home meet, regionals, provincials if qualified



Swim Meet Schedule: * are mandatory attendance

  • Okotoks Time Trials Sat May 28 from 3:30pm - 8:00pm *

  • Didsbury June 4

  • June 11 open weekend

  • Okotoks June 17 + 18 *

  • High River June 24 + 25

  • July 1 - 3 long weekend

  • Calgary Tritons July 8 + 9

  • Cochrane July 16

  • Calgary Swordfish July 23

  • July 30 - Aug 1 long weekend

  • Regionals in Calgary Aug 6 & 7 *

  • Provincials in Edmonton Aug 12,13,14



  • See the fee schedule below and deadlines are shown below

  • Swimmers deposit is due 24 hours after registration. If deposit is not received your swimmers spot will be released

  • If you do not want to participate in any Fundraising activities. A cash call of $400/swimmer can be paid separately from your registration. Due by May 1, 2022

  • Volunteer Commitment: $100.00 deposit reimbursed if the swim family has completed the 4 required shifts.

  • Swim Meets are included in your Registration Fee

  • Swimmers registered in Groups 1 - 4 meets included:

    • Home Swim Meet

    • Regionals

    • 2 other away meet of their choosing

    • Can attend additional away meets at a cost of $33/swimmer

  • Swimmers registered in the Competitive Groups; Pacific Rays or Atlantic Rays have all meets included in their registration package




Financial Assistance Programs:

Financial assistance - OSSSC is proud to work in conjunction with KidSport - https://kidsportcanada.ca and JumpStart - https://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/


Regarding the NON-REFUNDABLE $250 deposit:

No- refunds of the Deposit will be issued after registering. If the swimmer changes their mind after registration, the $250 deposit will be kept but, no remaining monies are owed.

Sorry this is a hard line but, we have limited spots available each season and want to make sure you understand the commitment in registering. Our budget is very dependent on a 88 swimmer membership where we can not risk not having a full roster of swimmers once registration is closed. Unfortunately, we are not is a position to offer a free try-out period in May, for swimmers to see if they like the sport and structure of our program. Part of this is the amount of administrative work leading up to opening day, as well as team apparel and swim suits are ordered in March to be available for our May start date.

Disputes requesting a refund or extenuating circumstances will be evaluated by the board of directors on a case by case basis. (ei. A 5-7 year old that is advised to wait a year or a broken limb)



  • WAIT to receive confirmation email from the OSSSC club regarding your swimmers’ registration.
  • You will be asked to pay a $250.00 deposit for each registered swimmer. This secures your swimmers' placement with the OSSSC. The payment must be received within 24 hours of email confirmation
    1. Pay e-transfer of $250/swimmer to [email protected]
      1. in message area: state swimmer’s full name
    2. Pay with credit card via email invoice. Request to pay by credit card. An email invoice will be emailed to you with an additional 3% transaction fee included



  • If the Government Of Alberta shuts down indoor & outdoor sports preventing the OSSSC for viable training options. A prorated refund of the paid registration fees will be issued - minus $75 administration fee.

COACHES: click the link



We need to raise $30,000.00 through fundraising and sourcing sponsorships. We have an operating budget around $70,000.00, where you can see how important our fundraising is offset the registration fees by almost 50%. Here is an outline of our fundraising goals based on our clubs past experiences. We are open to new suggestions and ideas. If you want to pass on all fundraising opportunities, a $400/swimmer cash call will be due by May  9, 2022. Submitted to Jon Hayes,  [email protected]

  • 2 bottle drives raise $7000.00
  • raffle draw raise $4000.00
  • food sale raise $5000.00
  • advertising boards at the Rec Center Pool raise $9600
  • sponsorship packages raise $5000



  • We will be returning to our regular volunteer commitments this year. Swim Club's are heavily dependent on a lot of help from the parents to run the casino, fundraising activities, stingrays swim trials, home meet, regionals and the year end party. Volunteer opportunities will be posted online for you to sign up.
  • We will NOT be conducting the volunteer point system this year. We hope the new approach is successful for our club.


    • each family must volunteer for 1 casino shift on May 7 & 8th
    • each family with swimmers 9+ must volunteer for 1+ shift at our home meet June 17 + 18, 2022
    • each family with swimmers 9+ must volunteer for 1 shift at Regionals August 6 & 7, 2022
    • returning families will be asked to have 1 parent to take and complete an officials certification as a timer or stroke n turn judge. If your family already has these official status we would encourage you to take the next course option.


OFFICIALS: we need you!

As mentioned above we will also be asking new and especially our returning parents, to take an Officials course this year. Since our last full season in 2019 we estimate that our club has lost 30 officials due to families retiring from the Stingrays Swim Club. Each swim meet used to require about 45 people per session to run. We need to start training more parents as timers, stroke n turn judges, clerk of course, recorder/scorer and starters. These course certifications only take a few hours online. Plus when you attend a swim meet as an official you always get the best seat in the house when you are on deck.

  • Process of completing an Official Course:
    • complete the online official course
    • complete 3 mentored sessions at a swim trial or swim meet(s) + received signature from Referee
    • submit your signed officials card to Ann Nevin our officials coordinator this year [email protected]
    • YOU ARE CERTIFIED! The stingrays thank you.


EQUIPMENT LIST: label all equipment

  • Practice Swimsuit and/or Team Suit for swim meets
  • Towel
  • 2 x goggles
  • 2 x caps
  • 2 face mask (to be worn entering and exiting the pool)
  • training equipment (personal or OSSSC)
    • Flutterboards: purchased or use the OSSSC equipment
    • Pull buoys: purchased or use the OSSSC equipment
    • Fins: purchased or use the pool's equipment
  • labelled water bottle
  • a swim positive attitude, ready to make waves



  • Swimmers will receive a:
    • team silicon swim cap
    • team T-shirt
  • Team swimsuit required to compete at all swim meets
    • a Team swim suit is required to compete in.
    • The swimmer may use;
      1. an old TYR design suit from 2019,
      2. a kneesuit of their choosing
      3. the new suit available to purchase below
    • suits are already discounted on the website
    • swim suits are not included in your registration fee and need to be purchased online
    • orders are due by March 26th - no exceptions or changes can be made after this time
    • choose pick-up at Calgary location, attention KIM MEECHAN to save $15 in shipping
    • include your email address with your order
    • the club will pick up all the swimsuits when they are ready in late April and have them for you to pick up at the pool from May 2 - 6, with all other online purchases
    • Female suits are available in three styles: skinny strap (red suit at fitting), classic strap (purple suit at fitting), tie-back suits (not available at fitting, sizes available 26-36)
    • login information maybe needed:
    • Swim suit ordering link is: https://team-aquatic.com/collections/osssc-team-suits



  • Swim equipment information and order link:
    • 20% off with your Team Aquatics shark card (can be used for the 2022 calendar year)
    • discount code: OKO100
    • orders are due by March 26th - no exceptions or changes can be made after this time
    • choose pick-up at Calgary location, attention KIM MEECHAN to save $15 in shipping
    • the club will pick up all the swimsuits and equipment when they are ready in late April and have them for you to pick up at the pool from May 2 - 6
    • Team Aquatic equipment order link:   https://team-aquatic.com/collections/osssc-equipment

Team Apparel Online Store: Available to purchase from March 4 - April 3, 2022

  • CLICK HERE FOR THE Stingrays team apparel online store

    Officials Shirt: optional
    • All officials must wear a white shirt while on deck. Use a personal white shirt or purchase a Stingrays Officials shirt.
    • Officials shirts will be changing to red in 2023
  • Team apparel options for swimmers and parents: optional
    • Hoodies, Team shirt, sweatpants, flannel pants, hats, quick dry towel


DISCIPLINE POLICY: (located in the parent handbook)

We ask that parents/guardians and swimmers will work hard to follow the strict rules in place to create a safe environment.

In order to ensure the safety of our swimmers, coaches and the use of the Okotoks Rec Center for our program we will instate the DISCIPLINE policy. The policy shown below is one approach The OSSSC may take to mitigate the concern. Depending on the severity of the incident, a greater/swifter course of action maybe be called upon.

Swimmers or parents must follow the OSSSC Swimmer Checklist & Protocols,  Alberta Checklist for Parents/Guardians, OSSSC Bylaws and supporting appendixes including the Swim Alberta Code of Conduct and Ethics or the Okotoks Recreation Center Pool protocols. These policies can be found in the documents folder on this website.

  1. STEP 1: The Coach / Board Member who witnessed the infraction will give a verbal warning to the child. Parents & Board of Directors will be notified
  2. STEP 2: If the behaviour continues, the child will be asked to sit out for the remainder of the practice. The parents will be notified of the behaviour.
  3. STEP 3: If the swimmer is still behaving inappropriately, he/she will be temporarily suspended from practices until a meeting can be held between the swimmer, coach, parent and Board Member to find a solution.
  4. STEP 4: If no solution can be found or the behaviour persists, the swimmer will be asked to leave the club. There will be no refund of registration fees and other deposits if applicable.






If the club is full to capacity you may add your swimmer(s) to the waitlist.

Email: [email protected]