Plant High Rowing Association, Inc. (PHRA) exists to facilitate a nationally competitive and inclusive rowing program for the students of H.B. Plant High School, and all high school students that may not have access to rowing with our Palm River Training Center program. The values PHRA maintains and teaches in pursuit of this mission are inclusivity, commitment, sacrifice & integrity. No athlete is turned away. Participation in PHRA and rowing means that the athletes will be included in a team and not “cut” or turned away. All athletes are trained, coached and provided opportunities to compete. 

A community is a phrase that best describes PHRA; both Plant Crew & PRTC athletes. Communities are inclusive, meaning members of communities make and keep commitments to one another. They sacrifice for one another. They maintain integrity and are built not just of individuals but also of families. All of these characteristics are integral to the community that is Plant Crew & PRTC. 

Rowing at PHRA means parents and guardians have commitments too. They help athletes keep their commitments by encouraging them and by getting them to practice and races. With this inclusion comes an expectation that an athlete will be committed to the team. Athletes will attend practice and races as part of keeping these commitments. 

Parents and guardians also help the rowing program run smoothly by offering their time to meet various needs. Keeping these commitments and giving one’s time does entail some sacrifices. When only a few people volunteer, the sacrifice is enormous. When all of our families, guardians, parents, and athletes volunteer, the sacrifices are small – and the rewards are greatest. It is much more rewarding to be a part of a community, a team, and give to one another than merely to be an individual that receives from others. We hope you join the community that is Plant Crew & PRTC.


PHRA welcomes all students of H.B. Plant High School to participate in scholastic rowing; Palm River Training Center (PRTC) welcomes all students without access to rowing at their high school to join rowing. PHRA does not “cut” an athlete from rowing. Striking the balance of inclusiveness and being nationally competitive provides student‐athletes with unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.


The nature of rowing means that, unlike other sports, the absences of one athlete usually means eight others cannot row or practice. Additionally, to run smoothly, PHRA relies on volunteer support. Rowing should not become an athlete’s entire life. However athletes and families should commit to practice, racing, and volunteering – and then meet those commitments.


Success in any sport requires athletes to sacrifice themselves for the team. Similarly, for PHRA to accomplish its mission, maintain its values and meet commitments – sacrifice is necessary. Giving one’s time is the first sacrifice required to facilitate the rowing program.


Integrity is more than simple honesty. Integrity means weaving inclusivity, commitment, and sacrifice into all aspects of PHRA activity. In other words, PHRA integrates its values into all of its activities.