Palm River Training Center is a subsidiary club under Plant High Rowing Association and is open to all students from all Tampa Bay area schools who do not have a scholastic rowing program. As a subsidiary of Plant High Rowing Association, Inc. (PHRA) we exist to facilitate a nationally competitive and inclusive rowing program for the students of H.B. Plant High School, and all high school students that may not have access to rowing with our Palm River Training Center program.

Through Palm River Training Center (PRTC) and Middle School rowing programs, PHRA offers students whose schools do not have rowing as an opportunity to train and compete. PHRA does not “cut” an athlete from rowing. Striking the balance of inclusiveness and being nationally competitive provides student-athletes with unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.

The values PHRA maintains and teaches in pursuit of this mission are inclusivity, commitment, sacrifice & integrity. No athlete is turned away. Participation in PHRA and rowing means that the athletes will be included in a team and not “cut” or turned away. All athletes are trained, coached and provided opportunities to compete. 

We encourage all those who do not have access to a rowing program to join our team of 120 nationally competitive rowers.