PHRA helps students develop into adults of substance and depth by enabling students to experience a life of academic and athletic balance. Rowers are academically skilled and intellectually thoughtful individuals. This success is partly because of the talents of these student-athletes, but it is also a result of the lessons learned through a life that balances academics and athletics.

Intense athletics like rowing add some challenges to academic study; however, the benefits of a balanced academic and athletic life far outweigh these challenges. Rowing develops discipline, structure, perseverance and time management. Student-athletes integrate these virtues of rowing into their academic life – to significant effect. Rowers accomplish more academically than most Plant High students.

Rowers are consistently ranked at the top of their class and are leaders of other academic and extracurricular groups, many finishing in the top 10% of their class. The vast majority of PHRA seniors go on to attend college at both excellent state universities and exceptional private institutions including many ivy league schools. An impressive list of where Plant rowers are currently studying or have attended are listed here:

American University
Boston University
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Davidson College
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Gulf Coast
Florida State University
Franklin & Marshall College
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins
LaSalle University
Louisiana State University
Kansas University
Marietta College
New College of Florida
Northeastern University
Princeton University
Rice University
Samford University
Southern Methodist University
Stanford University
Stetson University
United States Naval Academy
University of Alabama
University of Central Florida
University of Kansas
University of North Carolina
University of Tennessee