Transportation can be a barrier to many sports and because PHRA has a large network of rowers and we share resources in getting our athletes to practice and home. Once you are registered with the team you can be added to the team map so that you can reach out to rowers in your area to connect and form a carpool. 

We have both Middle School and High School carpools available. Once you are registered, please send a message to [email protected] to be added to the team map and form a carpool. 

Or make your carpool request here.



  1. Varsity Rowers: we have many varsity rowers who drive to and from the boathouse from Plant High School. Varsity rowers charge $20 per passenger per week to and from the boathouse. This covers the cost of gas and tolls. Please use the team carpool map to locate a Varsity rower in your neighborhood and contact them to see if they have room in their car.
  2. Neighborhood: If possible, in addition to finding carpools within your group, please use the carpool map to locate families that live close to you. This is particularly important when doing drop off from the boathouse home. You want families in your own neighborhood to make drop-offs at home easier.
  3. One-Way Trips: You can arrange to only have your rower picked up at school, or taken home from the boathouse, again please be thoughtful and form carpools close to your neighborhood in case of practice cancellations.
  4. Practice Cancellations: Please make arrangements for your rower to get home if there is a practice cancellation especially if your rower does not live close to your carpool driver. It takes a significant amount of time to get rowers across town if there is a cancellation and you do not live close to your driver. Check in with your driver.
  5. Established Carpools: Please consider opening your carpool to kids who may need a carpool. We take team members all year long and want them to feel part of the PHRA family.
  6. Lastly: The carpool folks do not find carpools for you. You will be added to the map and you will need to send an email to families or varsity rowers close to you and inquire about available carpools.