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Shore Patrol Instructions

  1. Shore Supervision: Provide shore supervision on all scheduled rowing practice days. Duties include: being the shore contact for coaches in launches, helping with incoming boats if needed, inspecting grounds after practice to ensure students have correctly disposed of trash and stored all equipment.
  2. Tell the Coach: Let the coach know you are Shore Patrol for the day.
  3. Cell Phone Numbers: Make sure any coaches going out on the river have your cell phone number to call if needed and be sure you have the coaches’ cell numbers. Make sure your phone is on and charged. It is best for you to call the coaches before they go out; that way, your cell number is registered with them as the last call in should they quickly need to access you.
  4. Boat Log: Fill in the log of boats going out on the river (Shore Patrol notebook). The log should contain the date, boat name, time out, time in and coxswain name. Boat names are on the boats and cox names can be gotten from the cox or another rower.
  5. Boat Launch: Carefully observe boats launching to assure safety. Rowers do the work; you’re there just in case they need assistance.
  6. Rowers on Shore: If any rowers remain on shore, mentally note how many. Rowers onshore will have instructions from their coach as to what they should be doing, which usually includes erging, running or boat maintenance.
  7. Returning Boats: Watch for boats returning and log the times in on the Shore Patrol notebook. As they approach, go down on the dock to help with the landing. You may need to catch a blade and pull the boat into the dock or fend off the bow. That’s it!