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Practice is the foundation of success in any sport. Rowing is a unique sport in regards to practice. If just one member of a boat does not attend practice, the eight other athletes in that boat are unable to practice. Therefore, all athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices. 

Not attending practice has the following effects:

  • The absent athlete does not develop when they do not practice.
  • Other athletes are unable to practice.

Not attending practice may or may not have the following effects:

  • The absent athlete is removed from a boat and replaced by another athlete for practice.
  • The absent athlete is removed from a boat and replaced by another athlete for a race.

24-Hour Notice: If you are going to miss practice you must complete the online form: Attendance Call Out 24 hours before the start of practice if you cannot attend. At the Freshmen and Varsity levels, absences (defined as non-emergency and no prior coach notification) are never acceptable. Absences are, however, inevitable and sometimes necessary. It is important to understand rowing is a sport where each large boat requires 9 rowers to be in attendance. If one is absent, 8 people do not get to participate in practice due to the absence of one person.

Practice Cancellations: Practices are canceled if Plant High School announces that after-school activities are canceled. We sometimes don't know the county cancels after-school activities until the end of school, and we will always honor an athlete's safety choices. On the water, practice continues in all weather conditions except lightning. Indoor practice continues in all weather conditions. Always assume there is practice unless notified otherwise by the coaches.

Early Dismissals and Dropoff: On early dismissal, Mondays, practice is at the regular time, but the boathouse is upon as soon as school is out. In the case of a full day off from school (except major holidays), practice will follow the normal Saturday schedule.

Spring Break: Spring Break falls in the middle of the championship portion of the crew season so practice will continue through Spring Break. Practice schedule can be found on the practice/race calendar link above.

Long Weekends: In an effort to minimize the impact of absences as a result of college visits, PHRA plans “Long Weekends” around school holidays. Every effort should be made to not only schedule college visits during these long weekends, but also family events and medical appointments. Optional land practices may be called by a coach for those athletes who are able to attend.

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