• Training ensures that all meets are run smoothly and have the best officiating for the benefit of all swimmers.

  • Coaches: One coach from each team should attend. We will go over new rules and policies.

  • Computer/Head Table Workers: This year all teams must have a head table worker. Teams please provide names and contact information of head table workers to the RVAA (via [email protected] or through your RVAA rep). ALL Computer/Head Table workers should plan to attend the head table worker meeting Sunday, June 4 3:00 PM for training.

New and Returning Starters & Referees: You must attend the May 21st training. In addition, you must attend the judges’ clinic or complete the online recertification. All hosting teams must have at least one trained starter and referee. All teams must also have many strokes and turns officials. Please use the link here to sign up for the referee and starters training https://forms.gle/sdQS94d8TPr7eevt5

  • Meet Entry / Team Managers Meeting: Each team must send at least one coach or representative. Anyone planning on running Team Manager should plan on attending this meeting. Your team will be penalized 5% 

  • points at the end of the season for failure to attend the Coaches Meeting. Coaches meeting will be held Saturday, June 4th at 1:00 PM for a meeting and Team Manager Training.

  • Strokes and Turns Judges: Anyone wanting to train to judge must attend ONE of these sessions. You do not have to attend them all. Please sign up for the training you desire through this link https://forms.gle/S9AqiZ3S7awMYr5R9


Please direct questions to your RVAA delegate or Sarah Sell at 540-556-4381.




Location and Sign Up


Thursday, May 26

7:00 PM to

8:30 PM

Via zoom sign up through link






Saturday, May 21

2:00PM to

South County Library sign up through link






Saturday, May 21

4:00PM to

South County Library sign up through link


5:00 PM



Wednesday, June 1

6-00 PM- 8:00PM

South County Library sign up through link






Saturday, June 4

1:00 PM to

3:00 PM

 Location TBD sign up through link



Saturday, June 4

3:00 PM to

5:00 PM

  Location TBD sign up through link


2022 Stroke & Turn Official’s (Judge’s) Eligibility & Training

Who is eligible for Stroke and Turn Training?

  • Anyone who is willing to be trained

How do I obtain a “code key” to take the online test?

  • Code keys will be activated by our head judge, based on an email that you provide to Miki Smith. She can be reached at [email protected] The test can be found at www.strokeandturn.com . You should receive an email directly from StrokeandTurn.com after Miki Smith activates your key, sent to the email that you provide! The S&T email will direct the trainee how to access S&T.com and how to access the test. The test consists of stages, or segments, that can be taken all at once or over multiple logins. In certain segments (backstroke) the rules are slightly different from the videos. A disclaimer acknowledges as such. Complete each segment in the timeframe desired. Upon successful completion please notify Miki Smith. Please note: there is a test and an evaluation that MUST be completed at the end of the Stroke & Turn online session before the certification process is completed. Please complete the entire online program!

Do Starters and Referees need to be trained as judges?

  • We would like all Starters and Referees to be S&T certified. This cross-training allows more flexibility at meets and encourages a greater understanding of meet procedures and protocols by Starters and Referees.

Who must attend the Stroke and Turn Training?

 This year we are asking everyone to attend the clinic.

Who must complete the online Stroke test?

 All returning summer league Stroke and Turn officials

 All new trainees AFTER attending a training

 Newly certified Y officials with less than 1 year of certification

Who is exempt from Stroke and Turn Clinic?

No one, this year we are asking everyone to attend the clinic.