San Francisco Merionettes

Artistic swimming team

Swimmers on the Merionettes represent the oldest club in the Pacific Association. Swimming since 1956, the club has a strong history, and we are constantly looking to the future and striving to provide each and every swimmer with the opportunity to progress and learn.

The club provides members with the chance to learn a sport that they can enjoy for many years, even as they progress through college. The sportsmanship, self-assurance, and poise they develop along the way will benefit them throughout their life.

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Email to schedule a tryout: [email protected]

The following are evaluated at tryouts:

Requirements for 2012-2013 year of birth

  • 1 lap free style
  • 1 lap breaststroke
  • 1 lap backstroke
  • knows dolphin kick
  • Float 20 seconds
  • Pencil jump in the water

Requirements for 2014 year of birth and younger

  • 1 lap (25 meters)Free style without stopping
  • knows breaststroke
  • knows backstroke
  • Float 10 seconds on the back
  • pencil jump in the water