"How to Knox" Video
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Knoxing & Headpiece Supplies

  • Box or bag to keep supplies in
  • Bun form or Donut
  • Coated rubber bands
  • Hair nets
  • Bobby pins (plenty), hair pins, and extra long bobby pins
  • Hair brush and fine-tooth comb
  • Knox unflavored gelatine (plenty)
  • Small bottle or bowl for mixing Knox
  • Whisk to mix in bowl
  • Hand towel (to cover swimmers neck & face)



Hair & Bun Procedure

Mix 2 packets of Knox to 2 ounces HOT water. Shake or stir vigorously to dissolve gelatin. Allow to stand to cool slightly. Knox which hardens in the bottle can be reconstituted by placing the bottle in the microwave for a few seconds on high.

Place hair in a ponytail even with the top of the ears. Hair should be completely wet as it will be much tighter this way. For short hair, place as much of the hair as possible in the ponytail.

Apply Knox mixture to completely coat the hair which is not in the ponytail. Do a section at a time. Comb the Knox through the pair with a fine-toothed comb to give it a finished look. Have the swimmer hold a small wet cloth to wipe up drips. If the hair is not tight, bobby pins should be put in close to the rubber band. Bobby pins will hold better if they are crisscrossed. Place bun form over the ponytail and comb or brush hair to cover the bun form. Place a rubber band over the bun form and hair to hold in place. Gently wrap and bobby pin excess hair in sections around the bun form, making sure there are enough bobby pins to securely hold the bun to the head. For swimmers with very long hair, the bun form can be omitted and the hair can be braided and wrapped around the rubber band and bobby pinned in place. Do not wrap the braid too tightly, as this causes the bun to be too tall. Place a hair net over the bun to hold any loose hair. Pin into place. Two extra long crisscrossed bobby pins really help to secure the bun. Cover bun with knox.


Removal of Knox From Hair

Remove bobby pins, bun form and rubber band. Rinse hair in warm water, shampoo twice, condition hair as usual. Sprinkling baking soda over the area coved in Knox before washing will help wash the Knox out of the hair.