Thank you for your interest in our swim team!

We are glad you found our team's website! If you are moving to the Stuttgart area or are already living here, and are interested in the team, this is the place to ask your questions or seek information.

The Stuttgart Piranhas consists of five main groups which correspond to the USA Swimming ADM Guidelines. Before contacting us, please review the training group guidelines outlining the minimum the various groups which can be found here.

Highlights of Basic Technical Skills

RED (Level 1)
  • Must be able to swim 50 meters in freestyle and backstroke with good basic technique and proper breathing from a push.
  • Freestyle swim stroke: Demonstrate the ability to comfortably take a breath on either the right or left side.
  • Backstroke: Demonstrate shoulder and hip roll motion with head back for 50 meters
  • Can complete a continuous swim and kick for five minutes. (200 meters/ yards of free) and 45-minutes of practice
BLACK (Level 2-3)
  • Swim all four strokes (details on stroke requirements can be found in the guidelines).
  • Perform Relay Exchanges
  • Execute a start from the blocks. Hold the underwater steamlined position for 1-1/2 body length, and progress to the durface of the water with a pull. 
  • Maintain consistent stroke rates and times in training sets.
  • Perform the 200’s of stroke and a 400 individual medley
  • Kick to 10 meters using underwater dolphin kicks faster than in previous level
  • Improve speed, power and distance to 15 meters in each stroke
  • Perform a relay exchange with advanced technique.
○ A (Level 5-6)
○ B (Level 4-5)
○ C (Ages 13 & Up - Level 3)

Please note: The team does not offer swim lessons during our regular season. A preseason and tryouts will take place later in the summer. Details will be announced on our website and social media.

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