The Granbury SEALS Swim Team is a private, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide a wholesome environment in which swimmers of all ages may learn and improve the basic fundamentals of competitive swimming. We are affiliated with the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF), following their rules and guidelines for swim meets.
Swimmers and Parents,
Tomorrow June 8th is our first day of summer practice for the 11 and up swimmers, Wednesday June 10th is the first day for the 10 and under swimmers. The registration is attached.
Swim Schedule:
8 and unders - 2:00 to 2:30
9 and 10 - 2:45 to 3:30
11 to 14 - 3:45 to 4:45
15 and up - 4:45 to 6:00
All registration is through the YMCA. We will need to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing . When you come into the pool area please remember we are working to practice 6 feet apart. Remember to bring goggles and a towel! We will have white latex caps available on which to write your swimmers' name.
 If you are a parent of a 10 and under, we ask that only one adult escort the swimmer into the pool area, and you may sit in the bleachers as noted by a red dot. All others we ask that they are dropped off at the sidewalk leading to the pool door near the outdoor pool. All swimmers will come through that door (SEALS Enter Here banner) and check in at the temporary table desk by the entry.
This summer is different than all other years, as we are not going to do a bulk suit order. We are asking that swimmers wear any suit, one piece for girls and a jammer or Speedo for boys. A web site that is very popular if needed is You will also be able to find goggles and all other equipment at that site also.
As of now there is one meet scheduled for the weekend of August 1st; it will be a regional YMCA meet and we will be the host. As the time gets closer, we will have a better feel for how that will look.
Thank you for your patience as we figure out this new and different year. 
We are committed to making this a very successful and fun season!
Coach Janet
See letter below from Coach Janet. Please note the following:

The groups are not correct on the form. Please use the following.

____________ Level 1-Ages 8 & under, M-TH, 2:00p-2:30p $120 members / $170 non-members
____________ Level 2-Ages 9-10, M-TH, 2:45p-3:30p $130 members / $180 non-members
____________ Level 3-Ages 11-14 M-TH, 3:45p-4:45p $140 members / $190 non-members
____________ Level 4-Ages 15 & older, M-TH, 4:45p-6:00p $150 members / $200 non-members


If you want to order a suit, you can order a plain black suit from

1. There is no online registration. You must print the forms and waivers and either scan and email back or deliver in person. They want to minimize any possible virus transmission. The email to send the completed forms to is  [email protected]
2 . There will be a limit of 40 people per age group. 
3 . Seals is thru the YMCA this summer so please refer any questions to them. 
Dear Swimmers and Parents,
Attached is the registration for SEALS summer swim. This year we are swimming through the YMCA, as TAAF is not doing any summer events.
The YMCA wants all swimmers to register online so there is no paper or pens for germ transmission.
When you look at the registration you will see the 10 and unders start Wednesday June 10th and 11 and older start Monday the 8th of June.
Swim time for the SEALS will be 2 pm to 6 pm with the youngest swimmers first, oldest last.
The summer session will swim through the end of July and finish with a regional YMCA meet the weekend of August 1st; 8 weeks in total.
There is a 15-minute break between groups except the older swimmers, because they will better understand the spacing we will follow.
Practices will look a little different this summer as we will be trying to follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing, but finally we will be able to enjoy swimming again as a team.
I am excited to see everyone and be back in the water!
Coach Janet