Club Childrens' Officer - Lead

Eoin Ward email: [email protected]

The Club Childrens' Officers are child-centered in focus and have as their primary aim the establishment of a child-centered ethos within the club. They are the link between the children and the adults in the club. They also take responsibility for monitoring and reporting to the Club Committee on how club policy etc. impacts on children and their Sports Leaders. 

The primary role of the Club Childrens' Officers is the welfare of the children.  They are available to any swimmer or parent who has concerns.

The Club Childrens' Officers operate independently of the club’s administrative and coaching structure and operate a strict code of confidentiality within the club, but if a concern about child protection comes to the officers, they will deal with the matter or inform the appropriate statutory authority.

The Club Childrens' Officer has the following functions:

  • to promote awareness of necessary child welfare policies and procedures
  • to influence policy and practice within the club in order to prioritise children’s needs
  • to provide an accessible resource to children
  • to encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in the club activities and co-operate with them in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for their children
  • to act as an advisory resource to Leaders on best practice in children’s sport.


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