All gala entries are completed online. You can enter and view entries from the club website.

The process is as follows:

Gala dates are on website calendar

Before an event, you will receive an invitation to attend an event with a registration deadline. - No late entries will be accepted

Invitations are sent out per squad so only enter an event that you have been invited to attend. It is absolutely vital that once the invitation is sent out that you commit or decline the invitation so the coaching team can plan the competition schedule.

Swimmers select their own events - this is done at sign up stage

Once registration deadline has passed gala secretary notifies the coaches that entries are now ready for approval

Coaches then approve / reject swimmers chosen events

Once events have been approved by coaches Gala Secretary will notify you and forward spreadsheet listing your events and charges. (costing spreadsheet)

Finance will inform gala secretary of all payments received. Should payment not be received before the cut-off date, the club will remove the entry and the swimmer will not be competing at the event - this is to ensure that the club are not left liable for unpaid entry fees. 

Payments are made by bank transfer to the Titans bank account.  There is a surcharge to cover coaches costs and relay entries, cost per swimmer is €5.  Please reference your payments clearly i.e Gala & swimmer's name.

Please note  If your monthly fee account is in arrears or if you have any outstanding gala fees your entry will not be processed. 

Once the gala secretary sends the entries to the meet host, no changes are permitted and no refunds. Regardless of scratches etc, all fees must be paid in advance.


What to bring to a Gala

Apart from the obvious items (togs, cap & goggles) you should bring the following:

  • A couple of towels
  • A couple of t shirts and shorts (they will get wet from pulling them on between races)
  • Flip flops
  • Spare hats, goggles in case they rip or break.
  • Highlighter (to highlight your swimmers events on the brochure)
  • Pen - to write on your child’s arm the events and heat they are participating in so they know their event and heat number.
  • If you are there for the full day I would advise for you to bring some light snacks like fruit, rice cakes and of course plenty of water. We would not recommend chocolate or sweets as swimmer may not have enough time to digest.
  • Reading material   - IPad etc

You are not permitted to take photos at galas unless you register your camera with a member from the host club.