Parents Education:  Thunder Water Polo would like the parents of our athletes to enjoy the sport as much as the athletes.  This section of the website will be dedicated to Parents Education (continually updated). In February each year, Thunder Water Polo has an intro Ref Clinic and Parents Education Seminar in Grapevine. 

Above are links to the power point presentations for both the Ref Intro Clinic and Parents Education seminar.  All athletes and parents are encouraged to attend (Thunder and non-Thunder athletes/parents).  Athletes and parents can get involved to simply learn more about the sport and/or get on deck and be a referee themselves (see above link for steps to referee games).  Below are some of the additional handouts from the Parents Education Seminar.

Working Tables? Below are some helpful links and videos to help you if you volunteer to work tables at a tournament.  

Score Sheets:


Basic Water Polo Information:

Positive Coaching Alliance:  Water polo has a long history and is an international sport played around the world. A lot of great things happen on the in the pool during a water polo game.  It is an honor to be involved in the sport of water polo.  Parents and coaches talk about sportsmanship, and Sportsmanship is very important.