Thunder Water Polo National Program


The National Program will be a great opportunity to play/practice with your club teammates from other Thunder Practice Locations, be challenged-learn-improve at a high level of water polo, and train specifically within their age groups/genders.  It is a privilege to be selected to this group and participate in these extra practices/competitions.  Along with this privilege come expectations of participation, good attitudes, punctuality, etc.  Athletes who are part of the National Program will be expected to also participate fully with their local  programs and attend the National Program each practices.

Thunder Water Polo National Program Benefits:

  • The National Program will be additional practice(s) each week at the Lewisville ISD Westside Aquatic Center.  
  • The National Program will allow athletes to learn, improve and challenge themselves continually throughout the year
  • National Program Athletes will train specifically within their age groups/genders
  • National Program Athletes will get priority playing on multiple teams in weekend tournaments/league game days 
  • National Program Athletes will have priority to participate in any special water sessions including additional practices, clinics, competitions, etc