Armadillo Classic - Final Results & Standings - 2016 (PDF)

Date & Location:  September 10-11, 2016 at the Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 West Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX

Divisions, Teams & Final Standings:

18U Boys (18UB):

  1. Thunder Black
  2. Trident Blue
  3. VP Corn Dogs
  4. Thunder Silver
  5. VP Hamburgers
  6. Cy Fair WPC
  7. Thunder White
  8. Thunder Yellow
  9. Longhorn
  10.  Trident Red

18U Girls (18UG):

  1. Thunder Blue
  2. Thunder Red
  3. VP French Fries
  4. Cy Fair WPC
  5. VP Onion Rings

16U/10th Grade U Coed (16U):

  1. Thunder Black
  2. VP Tater Tots
  3. Thunder Silver
  4. VP Potato Skins

14U/8th Grade U Coed (14U)

  1. Trident Red
  2. VP Lettuce Wraps
  3. Trident Blue
  4. Longhorn
  5. Thunder Black
  6. VP Eggrolls
  7. Thunder Silver

16U Girls (16UG) Exhib Games:

  1. Thunder
  2. Viper Pigeons

12U Coed Exhib Games:

  1. Thunder
  2. Thunder


Format:   The tournament will use USA Water Polo rules & regulations (except when noted).  All games will be six-minute quarters (two minutes between periods).  All teams will have two timeouts per game (used anytime).  All games will be played until there is a winner.  Games tied after four quarters will complete a shoot-out to determine the winner. 

Tournament Committee:  Vern Heimbigner (Head Referee), Jeff Chandler (CFWPC), Mihai Oprea (Trident), Scott Slay (Viper Pigeons), and Chris Cullen (Tournament Director).  Protests are due 15 minutes after game in question to the head referee OR tournament director with a $50 protest fee (if protest is upheld, the $50 fee will be refunded). All disputes, suspensions, etc. will be handled by the tournament committee.

Armadillo Classic Results (team listed first wears white caps & starts to the left of the table)

Saturday, September 10th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 VP Potato-4 v. Thun Black-16 (16U)
12:50 VP Tots-14 v. Thun Silver-11 (16U)
1:40 VP Hamburg-11 v. Trid Red-2 (18UB)
2:30 VP Potato-6 v. Thun Silver-11 (16U)
3:20 Trident Blue-17 v. Th White-6 (18UB)
4:10 ThunBlack-15 v. Trident Red-1 (18UB)
5:00 VP Tots-12 v. Thun Black-14 (16U)
5:50 Trid Blue-9 v. Cy Fair-5 (18UB)
6:40 Th Black-13 v. VP Hamburg-2 (18UB)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 ViperPigeon-6 v. Thunder-11 (16UG)
12:50 Trid Blue-11 v. VP Eggrolls-3 (14U)
1:40 Thun Silver-15 v. Longhorn-1 (18UB)
2:30 Cy Fair-7 v. VP Fries-10 (18UG)
3:20 Cy Fair-13 v. Thun Yellow-2 (18UB)
4:10 VPCornDogs-15 v. Longhorn-4 (18UB)
5:00 Cy Fair-6 v. Thunder Red-14 (18UG)
5:50 Th White-12 v. Th Yellow-9 (18UB)
6:40 VP CornDogs-11 v. Th Silver-7 (18UB)

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 Longhorn-4 v. Trid Red-13 (14U)
12:50 VP Wraps-11 v. ThuSilver-0 (14U)
1:40 Thun Black-13 v. Tri Red-14 (14U)
2:30 VP Onion-2 v. Thun Red-17 (18UG)
3:20 Vp Eggrolls-11 v. Th Silver-5 (14U)
4:10 Trident Blue-1 v. VP Wraps-8 (14U
5:00 VP Onion-2 v. ThunBlue-11 (18UG)
5:50 Thun Black-7 v. Longhorn-8 (14U)
6:40 VP Fries-9 v. Thu Blue-17 (18UG)

Sunday, September 11th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP Potato-6 v. Thun Black-13 (16U)
8:20 VP Tots-12 v. Thun Silver-10 (16U)
9:10 Cy Fair-7 v. Th Silver-10 (18UB, 4-6)
10:00 TridBlue-8 v. VP Corn-6 (18UB,1-3)
10:50 VP Potato-8 v. Th Silver-13 (16U-3rd)
11:40 VP Hambu-4 v. ThSilv-13 (18UB,4-6)
12:30 ThBlk-13 v. VP Corn-8 (18UB, 1-3)
1:20 VP Tots-13 v. ThBlack-19 (16U-1st)
2:10 VPHamburg-9 v. Cy Fair-8 (18UB,4-6)
3:00 Th Black-12 v. Trid Blue-7 (18UB,1-3)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP Fries-10 v. VP Onion -8 (18UG)
8:20 Cy Fair-7 v. Thunder Blue-10 (18UG)
9:10 ThYellow-12 v. Tri Red-7 (18UB, 7-10)
10:00 ThWhi-12 v. Longhorn-5 (18UB,7-10)
10:50 VP Fries-8 v. Thun Red-11 (18UG)
11:40 Cy Fair-10 v. VP Onion-3 (18UG)
12:30 ViperPigeon-6 v. Thunder -10 (16UG)
1:20 Thun Red-8 v. Thun Blue-9 (18UG)
2:10 Trid Red-8 v. Longhorn-9 (18UB-9th)
3:00 Th Yellow-8 v. Th White-9 (18UB-7th)

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VPEggrolls-4 v. ThBlk-15 (14U,5-7)
8:20 VPWraps-16 v. Longhorn-6 (14U)
9:10 Trid Red-5 v. Trid Blue-4 (14U)
10:00 VPEggrol-14 v. ThSilv-5 (14U,5-7)
10:50 Thunder 12U Exhibition (12U)
11:40 Longho-10 v. TriBlue-16 (14U-3rd)
12:30 T-Black-11 v. T-Silver-8 (14U,5-7)
1:20 Thunder 12U Exhibition (12U)
2:10 VP Wraps-3 v. TriRed-5 (14U-1st)