Dallas Summer Classic - Final Results & Standings - 2016 (PDF)

Dallas Summer Classic Date & Location:  June 25-26, 2016. Southlake-Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 West Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092.  There will be three courses running simultaneously throughout the tournament. 

Dallas Summer Classic Divisions, Teams & Final Standings:

Men’s Open:
5.VP Star Destroyers
6.Thunder Masters

Women’s Open:
1.Thunder Masters
4.VP Light Sabres
5.VP The Force

18U Boys/coed:
1.Thunder White
2.VP Storm Troopers
3.VP Sith Lords
4.Thunder Yellow
6.Rio Grande Valley

18U/16U Girls:
1.VP Death Stars
2.Thunder Red
3.VP X-Wings
4.Thunder Blue

16U Boys/Coed:
1.Thunder Maroon
2.Thunder Gray
3.Thunder Purple
4.VP Skywalkers
5. VP Tie Fighters

14U Coed:
1. Thunder Orange
2. VP Wookies
3. Thunder Green
4. VP Bounty Hunters
5. Trident
6. VP Jedis

12U Coed
1. VP Ewoks
2. Thunder Black
3. Thunder Silver


Dallas Summer Classic Results - Saturday, June 25th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:30 VP Tie Figh-3 v. ThMaroon-20 (16UB)
8:20 VP Skywalkers-14 v. Aquatx-5 (16UB)
9:10 Th White-14 v. VP Storm Tr-6 (18UB)
10:00 Dallas-14 v. VP Star Destroy-13 (Men)
10:50 TOTEX-10 v. Thunder-14 (Men)
11:40 HOPS-10 v. Thunder Masters-2 (Men)
12:30 Jesuit-9 v. VP Storm Tr-12 (18UB)
1:20 Thunder-16 v. VP StarDestroy-9 (Men)
2:10 Dallas-9 v. HOPS-11 (Men)
3:00 TOTEX-18 v. Thunder Masters-9
3:50 Thun White-16 v. Jesuit-5 (18UB)
4:40 VP Skywalkers-5 v. Th Gray-6 (16UB)
5:30 TOTEX-13 v. VP Star Destroy-9 (Men)
6:20 Dallas-14 v. Thun Masters-7 (Men)
7:10 HOPS-8 v. Thunder-6 (Men)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:30 VP DeathStar-11 v. Thun Red -2(18UG)
8:20 VP XWings-5 v. Thun Blue-4 (18UG)
9:10 Thun Yellow-17 v. RGV-4 (18UB)
10:00 VP Light Sab-7 v. Thun-13 (Women)
10:50 VP Force-1 v. ThMasters-11 (Wome)
11:40 ThPurple-8 v. ThMaroon-16 16UB)
12:30 Thun Gray-14 v. Aquatex-8 (16UB)
1:20 HOPS-12 v. VP Light Saber-2 (Women)
2:10 VP Sith Lords-18 v. RGV-7 (18UB)
3:00 VP Force-2 v. Thunder-10 (Women)
3:50 VPLightSab-1 v. ThMaste-13 (Women)
4:40 VPTieFighter-6 v. ThPurple-15 (16UB)
5:30 ThYellow-10 v. VPSithLord-11 (18UB)
6:20 HOPS-11 v. VP Force-3 (Women)
7:10 Thun-5 v. Thun Masters-15 (Women)

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
7:30  No Game – Swim Team Practice
8:20 Thu Black-16 v. Thu Silver-8 (12U)
9:10 ThOrange-16 v. VP Bounty-8 (14U)
10:00 Th Green-20 v. VP Jedi-6 (14U)
10:50 VP Ewoks-3 v. Th Silver-18 (12U)
11:40 VPDeathSt-11 v. ThBlue-3 (18UG)
12:30 VP XWings-4 v. Th Red-6 (18UG)
1:20 Th Black-11 v. Th Silver-9 (12U)
2:10 Trident-2 v. VP BountyHu-11 (14U)
3:00 VP Wookies-14 v. VP Jedi-7 (14U)
3:50 VP Ewoks-14 v. Thu Black-8 (12U)
4:40 Thun Red-5 v. Thun Blue-4 (18UG)
5:30 VPDeath-8 v. VP XWings-6 (18UG)
6:20 Th Orange-13 v. Trident-3 (14U)
7:10 Th Green-8 v. VP Wookies-9 (14U)

Dallas Summer Classic Results - Sunday, June 26th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:30 Jesuit-15 v. RGV-12 (18UB – 5th, #1)
8:20 Th White-14 v. Th Yellow-1 (18UB)
9:10 VP Sith-5 v. VP Storm-14 (18UB)
10:00 HOPS-8 v. VP Star Destroyer-6 (Men)
10:50 Thunder-19 v. Thun Masters-9 (Men)
11:40 TOTEX-17 v. Dallas-12 (Men)
12:30 ThYellow-5 v. VP Sith-6 (18UB - 3rd)
1:20 ThWhite-11 v. VP Storm-10 (18UB-1st)
2:10 HOPS-12 v. TOTEX-14 (Men)
3:00 Th Master-12 v. VP Star Des-16 (Men)
3:50 Dallas-11 v. Thunder-14 (Men)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:30 VP TieFight-14 v. Aquatx-7 (16UB-5th)
8:20 ThMaroon-14 v. VP Skywalk-6 (16UB)
9:10 ThunGray-10 v. Thun Purple-9 (16UB)
10:00 VPTieFight-7 v. Aquatx-9 (16UB-5th)
10:50 HOPS-12 v. Thun Masters-8 (Women)
11:40 Jesuit-12 v. RGV-9 (18UB – 5th, #2)
12:30 VPLightSab-18 v.VPForce-4(Women)
1:20 HOPS-10 v. Thunder-8 (Women)
2:10 VPSkywa-11 v. ThPurple-12(16UB-3rd)
3:00 ThMaroon-12 v. ThGray-10 (16UB-1st)
3:50 HOPS-0 v. Th Masters-5 (Women-1st)

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
7:30 Trident-12 v. VP Jedi-9 (14U-5th)
8:20 VPXWing-7 v. ThBlue-6 (18UG-3rd)
9:10 VP Death-8 v. ThRed-4 (18UG-1st)
10:00 VP Ewoks-11 v. ThSilver-10 (12U)
10:50 ThOrange-14 v. ThGreen-12 (14U)
11:40 VPWook-17 v. VPBounty-5 (14U)
12:30 Trident-10 v. VP Jedi-7 (14U-5th)
1:20 VP Ewoks-10 v. Th Black-9 (12U)
2:10 ThGree-14 v. VPBount-10 (14U-3rd)
3:00 ThOrang-18 v.VPWook-13(14U-1st)
3:50 Thun-5 v. VP LightSab-0 (Wom-3rd)

​For Additional Information, please contact Coach Joe Linehan at 713-705-0945 or email to [email protected].