Dutton Tournament - Final Results & Standings - 2016 (PDF)

Date & Location:  March 5-6, 2016. Southlake-Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 West Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092.  There will be three courses running simultaneously throughout the tournament. 

Divisions, Teams, & Final Standings:

Men’s Open:
1. Dallas
2. Thunder Masters
5. St Marks
6. San Antonio
7. VP-Foster
8. Thunder

Women’s Open:
1. Austin
2. Thunder Masters
4. VP Foster

14U Boys/coed:
1. Thunder Yellow
2. VP-Green
3. St Marks
4. San Antonio
5. Longhorn
6. Zilla
7. VP-Black
8. Thunder White

12U Coed:
1. St Marks
2. Zilla
3. Thunder Orange
4. Viper Pigeons
5. Thunder Green


Format:  All games will be six-minute quarters using USA Water Polo rules, including tiebreakers for bracket standings.  There will be two minutes between all periods and two timeouts per game.  All games tied after four quarters will do a shoot-out to determine the winner.  All divisions will play a round robin between all teams or within bracket play that will then seed the Championship Round.

 Dutton Tournament Final Results

Saturday, March 5th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards

11:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
12:00 Dallas-17 v. San Antonio-9 (Men’s)
12:50 HOPS-18 v. St Marks-4 (Men’s)
1:40 HOPS-4 v. ThunMasters-16 (Women)
2:30 Dallas-19 v. Thunder-7 (Men’s)
3:20 HOPS-19 v. VP-Foster-2 (Men’s)
4:10 HOPS-6 v. Austin-21 (Women’s)
5:00 Dallas-14 v. TOTEX-12 (Men’s)
5:50 HOPS-13 v.Thun Masters-14 (Men’s)
6:40 HOPS-18 v. VP-Foster-2 (Women’s)
7:30 Thun Yellow-16 v. VP Black-7 (14U)

Saturday, March 5th
Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool

11:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
12:00 TOTEX-16 v. Thunder -6(Men’s)
12:50 ThuMasters-19 v. VP-Foster-1 (Men)
1:40 Austin-21 v. VP-Foster-0 (Women’s)
2:30 TOTEX-15 v. San Antonio-9 (Men’s)
3:20 ThunMasters-10 v. St Marks-8 (Men’s)
4:10ThuMasters-13 v.VP-Foster-4 (Women)
5:00 San Antonio-5 v. Thunder-0 (Men’s)
5:50 St Marks-20 v VP-Foster-0 (Men’s)
6:40 Austin-12 v. ThunMasters-6 (Women’s)
7:30 St Marks-18 v Zilla-5 (14U)

Saturday, March 5th
Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance

11:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
12:00 Trident-12 v. Zilla-6 (12U)
12:50 VP-12 v. Thu Orange-13 (12U)
1:40 VP-Green-14 v. Longhorn-5 (14U)
2:30 St Marks-13 v. VP Black-5 (14U)
3:20 Thunder Yellow-19 v. Zilla-3 (14U)
4:10 San Anton-18 v. ThunWhite-3 (14U)
5:00 Trident-13 v. Viper Pigeons-9 (12U)
5:50 Zilla-9 v. Thunder Orange-8 (12U)
6:40 San Anton-13 v. Longhorn-6 (14U)
7:30 VP Green-11 v. Thun White-4 (14U)

Sunday, March 6th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards

7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 San Anton-15 v. VP-Foster-7(Men,5-8)
8:20 Dallas-12 v. HOPS-11 (Men, 1-4)
9:10 VP-Green-13 v. San Antonio-8 (14U)
10:00 Austin-10 v. VP Fosters-3 (Women)
10:50 ThunMasters-9 v. HOPS-5 (Women)
11:40 San Anton-9 v. St Marks-11 (Men-5th)
12:30 Dallas-9 v. Thun Masters-8 (Mens-1st)
1:20 Austin-7 v. Thu Masters-6 (Women-1st)
2:10 Longhorn-14 v. Zilla-12 (14U – 5th/6th)
3:00 VP-Green-7 v. Thunder-13 (14U – 1st)

Sunday, March 6th
Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool

7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 St Marks-5 v. Thunder-0 (Men, 5-8)
8:20 ThunMaster-19 v. TOTEX-9 (Men,1-4)
9:10 TWWP Boys-11 v. Thun Girls-2 (Ex)
10:00 Thun Boys-11 v. Thun Girls-2 (Ex)
10:50 Thun Boys-5 v. TWWP Boys-7 (Ex)
11:40 VP Foster-5 v. Thunder-0 (Mens-7th)
12:30 HOPS-14 v. TOTEX-8 (Mens-3rd)
1:20 HOPS-10 v. VP-Foster-8 (Womens-3rd)
2:10 ThunWhite-4 v. VP-Black-11 (14U-7th)
3:00 San Anton-4 v. St Marks-11 (14U-3rd)

Sunday, March 6th
Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance

7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 ViperPigeons-14 v ThGreen-3(12U)
8:20 Trident-12 v. Thun Orange-4 (12U)
9:10 Zilla-13 v. Thunder Green-1 (12U)
10:00 Longhorn-9 v. ThunWhite-2 (14U)
10:50 Zilla-9.4 v. VP Black-9.2 (14U)
11:40 ThuYellow-15 v. St Marks-5 (14U)
12:30 Trident-11 v. Thun Green-3 (12U)
1:20 Viper Pigeons-13 v. Zilla-14 (12U)
2:10 ThuOrange-5 v. ThuGreen-0 (12U)
3:00 St Marks-12 v. Zilla-5 (12U – 1st)

For Additional Information, please contact Coach Joe Linehan at 713-705-0945 or email to [email protected].