North Texas Summer Champs  - 2016 - Final Results & Standings (PDF)

North Texas Summer Champs - Dates & Location:  July 16-17, 2015 at the Southlake-Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX.  The 14U/12U Divisions will play on Saturday, July 16th.  The 18U/16U Divisions play on Sunday, July 17th

North Texas Summer Champs - Divisions, Teams & Final Standings:    

12U Coed:
1. Flower Mound
2. Southlake
3. Denton


14U Coed:
1. Denton
2. Flower Mound
3. Southlake
4. Trident Red
5. Trident Blue
6. Thunder 12U Boys

18U Girls-White:
1. Thunder 14U Girls
2. Flower Mound
3. Flower Mound
4. Southlake-Metroplex

18U Girls-Yellow:
1. Southlake
2. Flower Mound
3. Denton

18U Boys – Red
1. Denton
2. Flower Mound
3. Southlake
4. Metroplex

18U Boys – Blue
1. Southlake
2. Trident
3. Denton
4. Flower Mound


North Texas Summer Champs - Format: The North Texas Summer Champs will use USA Water Polo rules & regulations (except when noted).  All games will be five-minute quarters (two minutes between periods).  All teams will have two timeouts per game (used anytime).  All games will be played until there is a winner.  Games tied after four quarters will complete a shoot-out to determine the winner. Team listed first wears white caps, starts to left of table.

North Texas Fall Champs Schedule – Saturday, July 16th
Pool #1:  Diving Boards
2:30 Flower Mound-10 v. Denton-8 (12U)
3:15 Flower Mound-13 v. Southlake-7 (12U, 1st Place)
4:00 Southlake-19 v. Trident Blue-1 (14U)
4:45 Southlake-13 v. Denton-14 (14U)
5:30 Southlake-12 v. Trident Red-11 (14U – 3rd Place)
6:15 Denton-10 v. Flower Mound-9 (14U – 1st Place)

Pool #2:  Entrance
2:30 Southlake-9 v. Metroplex-6 (12U)
3:15 Denton-16 v. Metroplex-14 (12U, 3rd Place)
4:00 Flower Mound-12 v. Thunder 12U Boys-6 (14U)
4:45 Flower Mound-13 v. Trident Red-6 (14U)
5:30 Trident Blue-15 v. Thunder 12U Boys-6 (14U – 5th Place)

North Texas Fall Champs Schedule – Saturday, July 17th
Pool #1:  Diving Boards
10:00 Thun 18U Boys-13 v. Thun 16U Boys-4 (National)
10:45 Thun 18U Boys-17 v. Thun Masters-8 (National)
11:30 Thun 16U Boys-13 v. Thunder Masters-7 (National)
12:15 Southlake-15 v. Denton-10 (18U Boys – Blue)
1:00 Flower Mound-7 v. Trident-8 (18U Boys – Blue)
1:45 Denton-10 v. Flower Mound-9 (18U Boys-Blue, 3rd)
2:30 Southlake-9 v. Trident-1 (18U Boys-Blue, 1st)
3:15 Flower Mound-13 v. Metroplex-11 (18U Boys – Red)
4:00 Southlake-3 v. Denton-13 (18U Boys – Red)
4:45 Metroplex-15 v. Southlake-19 (18U Boys – Red, 3rd)
5:30 Flower Mound-7 v. Denton-15 (18U Boys – Red, 1st)

Pool #2:  Entrance
10:00 Thunder 18U Girls-6 v. Thunder 16U Girls-4 (National)
10:45 Thunder 18U Girls-1 v. Thunder 14U Boys-11 (National)
11:30 Thunder 16U Girls-7 v. Thunder 14U Boys-17 (National)
12:15 Denton-8 v. Southlake-12 (18U Girls-Yellow)
1:00 Denton-7 v. Flower Mound-9 (18U Girls-Yellow)
1:45 Southlake-11 v. Flower Mound-5 (18U Girls-Yellow)
2:30 No Game
3:15 South-Metro-4 v.  Thunder 14UG-14 (18U Girls-White)
4:00 Flower Mound-13 v. Denton-4 (18U Girls-White)
4:45 South-Metro-0 v. Denton-5 (18U Girls-White, 3rd)
5:30 Thun 14U Girls-9 v. Flower Md.-3 (18U Girls-White, 1st)


Purpose of North Texas Water Polo Leagues/Champs:  The purpose of the North Texas Water Polo Leagues/Champs is to gain experience for all athletes, coaches, parents, and referees.  Clubs need to educate their athletes/coaches/parents regarding the expectations of the league.  We want the games to be exciting and competitive but in a positive atmosphere where all of the athletes can improve, learn, and have fun.  There will be newer referees who will be learning and improving throughout the  league under supervised conditions.  Please refrain from yelling/screaming at the referees during the games (coaches calmly communicating with referees is OK;  athletes/parents should not communicate with the referees at anytime) and/or approaching the referees before/after games (especially in the hospitality rooms).  Please allow the Lead Referee to help the less experienced referees learn accordingly.  Thank you in advance for helping promote a great atmosphere for all involved.

North Texas Water Polo Leagues/Champs Format:  Each team will play at least two games each Game Day.  All games will be 5:00 minute quarters and use USA Water Polo rules (including tie breaker regulations).  Round robin games will not play overtime.  If needed, advancement/placement games tied after four quarters will play a shoot-out to determine the winner (first team to score wins).  Teams will have two timeouts per game.  Team listed first wears white caps, starts to left of table.  We will be using the “honor system” regarding athletes playing in the different divisions (please police your own teams and double check their ages/grade in school).  If a team does not have enough athletes to play their game on a Game Day, please be sure to let the other team’s coach know of the situation as soon as possible.  The team will then need to ask the other team for players, bring up younger division players, or bring in players from other teams to fill out your roster (if needed, ask Joe Linehan for solutions).  If bringing in players from other teams, please be sure to NOT bring in players which will dominate their divisions but rather bring in less experienced players who could use extra playing time.  This game will go down as a “forfeit”, but the athletes who do show up will get to play a game and gain needed experience.

North Texas Water Polo Leagues/Champs Red Card Policy (players AND coaches):  For the first Red Card, the coach/player will need to sit out the next game for that team (specific to team and division).  For a second Red Card (in any division), the coach/player will be suspended for all remaining games in all divisions for that particular League Game Day AND the next two games specific to team and division (probable carryover to next League Game Day/Season).  For a third Red Card (in any division), the coach/player will be immediately suspended indefinitely from all North Texas Water Polo League Game Days pending a review by the North Texas Water Polo League Committee (selected group of North Texas Water Polo Leaders including coaches, athletes, and club administrators).  This committee will decide on further sanctions and/or possible reinstatement for the coach/player.  All Red Cards will be cumulative throughout the year and specific to only North Texas Water Polo Leagues (beginning/ending in August after the Summer League/Champs and before the Fall League/Champs).  All Red Cards are coach/player specific and suspensions will occur no matter which team/club the coach/player is participating.  A coach/player will be unable to participate for any team in a specific division while they are serving a suspension within that division.