Thunder Girls NJO's  - Itinerary (Updated, PDF)

Thunder Girls NJO's  - Travel Breakdown (Updated, PDF)

Thunder Girls NJO's  - Trip Information (PDF)

Thunder Boys & GIrls NJO's  - Final Rosters (PDF)

The Thunder Water Polo Girls will be leaving for NJO’s on Wednesday, July 27th.  Above are PDF links for the Final Rosters for Thunder Water Polo, the Girls Trip Itinerary, and the Girls Travel Breakdown for each athlete.  If there is incorrect information on the Travel Breakdown for an athlete, please email [email protected] as soon as possible.  We are still finalizing details for the team scrimmages on Wednesday, July 27th.  Therefore, the above itinerary will be updated once we finalize details.  I will send a FINAL UPDATE email on Monday to everyone with any schedule updates, any last minute changes, and/or updated information.  All Thunder Girls NJO’s trip information can be found at the Thunder Girls NJO’s – 2016 Website (click here).   All athletes will need to carry with them their USA Water Polo Card and a photo ID.  Before the first games on Saturday, all teams will be checking in on deck at their specific location.  The coaches will have copies of everything for back-up, but each athlete needs to bring their Photo ID.   

All of the athletes will need to bring plenty of food money (breakfast is provided by the hotel for those staying with the team) for the five days/four nights as well as money for souvenirs and other activities (sightseeing, movies, etc.).  All athletes will need to bring their Thunder Water Polo team suits, team jackets, team collard shirt (wear on Friday), Thunder T-shirts (white, grey, and black), NJO Specific Shirt, goggles for warm-up, etc.  Athletes should also bring warm clothes (jackets, hoodies, etc.) as it will get cold in the mornings and in the evenings.  We highly advise athletes to NOT check luggage as this is an extra cost.  Please bring one carry on for your luggage (if possible).  Be aware of the travel restrictions on liquids (nothing more than 3 ounces).  We will stop off locally in CA on the first day of the trip to purchase sunscreen, snacks, etc.  Included in this email is a listing of all the coaches/parent leaders for each team as well as details for meeting the team at the DFW Airport on Wednesday.  Below are the previous emails and all the pertinent trip information.  All Thunder Girls NJO’s trip information can be found at the Thunder Girls NJO’s – 2016 Website (click here). 

Meeting Team at Airport/First Day of NJO's Trip-Wednesday, July 27th:  On Wednesday, July 27th athletes/coaches on the team flight will meet at the DFW Airport at the gate, athletes will need to check-in with coaches on the team flight at the GATE one hour prior to the departure time.  Parents can ask for a “security pass” to help their child through security and then walk them to the gate to check-in.  If needed, please call Joe Linehan at  713-705-0945.  We highly advise athletes to NOT check luggage, as this is an extra cost.  Please bring one carry on for your luggage (if possible).  Be aware of the travel restrictions on liquids.  We will stop off locally in CA to purchase sunscreen, snacks, etc.  For those meeting us in California, please meet us at the hotel or at the team scrimmages later in the day. 

Thunder Water Polo Girls's NJO Trip Information website:  All Thunder Water Polo NJO’s boys trip information can be found at Thunder Girls NJO’s – 2016 Website (click here).    All needed forms, information on last week’s email or information on this email is also at this website.  As needed, please refer to this website for all NJO trip information.  

Thunder Water Polo – Final Rosters:  As mentioned above, I have attached the UPDATED Thunder Water Polo Rosters for both the boys and the girls.  All athletes are listed with their primary team.  This will be the group the athletes will travel with in the team vans and between games.  

Thunder Water Polo Girl's Travel Breakdown Attached is a breakdown of the Thunder Water Polo Girls athletes travel plans, lodging plans (staying with the team or not staying with the team), and if an athlete's parents are attending the event.  Please double check the document to make sure everything is correct for you/your child.  If there is something wrong, please email [email protected] as soon as possible.  

Thunder Water Polo Apparel at NJO’s:  Please remember to wear your Thunder Water Polo Collared Shirt on Wednesday, July 27th (bring all other Thunder Water Polo Apparel!!!).   As mentioned in previous emails, we want everyone attending NJO's to bring their NEW yellow t-shirt (handed out this past weekend), NEW gray t-shirt, and NEW black t-shirt along with the NJO Specific T-shirt handed out this past weekend.  We will designate specific days for each shirt as to look like a team when we are on deck and at the event.  We also want everyone to have have the team suit, team jacket, etc. 

National Junior Olympics Tournament Website:  This website has schedules, pool locations, results, etc. for the National Junior Olympics as well as information on the JO Expo, purchasing tickets online, etc.  It will also have links to all the other activities surrounding the event.  It can be very confusing when you first look at the schedule.  Take a few minutes to understand how the tournament works.  Remember this is the biggest tournament in the world.   This website will have the most up to date information regarding NJO's including schedules, pool locations, and results throughout the tournaments.  Please check the site periodically for information.  

Coaches/Parent Leaders (coach phone numbers in parenthesis):  Success at the tournament will be a group effort.  Below are the listings of the primary coaches and parent leaders for each team.  All the coaches will be helping out with the other teams as well as their own team.  Parent leaders will be helping drive team vans (in some cases) and helping coordinate plans with the coaches and the other parents on the trip.  Any and all help will be needed at the tournament.  On the first day of the trip, all athletes and parents will give the coaches their cell phone numbers and copies of EVERYONE’s cell phone will be given out at the team meeting on Wednesday night, July 27th (along with rooming lists).  All parents on the trips will be pseudo-chaperones to make sure Thunder Water Polo represents well in California. 

Copy of Photo ID/Download USA Water Polo Photo All athletes will be required to have an actual Photo ID with them at the tournament as well as download a photo with their USA Water Polo membership.  Acceptable forms of ID will be copy of their USA Water Polo Card with downloaded photo, government issued ID, passports, driver license, and/or school ID’s.  There will be ID checks before EVERY game during the competition (coach will have copies of your downloaded USA Water Polo photo…no need to give coaches copy of this ID).  

NJO’s Flight Information: The flight information for the Thunder Coaches attending NJO’s for the girls is below.  For athletes traveling w/parents, you can meet us at the airport, team scrimmages, or team hotel  the first day of the trip.  After arriving in California on the first day of the trip, the athletes/coaches/parents will get food and then attend local scrimmages during the late morning (location/exact time TBD).  After the scrimmages, the athletes will go to the hotel, check in, have a team dinner, meetings, and then lights out to get ready for the NJO games beginning the next day.  For those under age athletes needing an adult name traveling with the athletes, Coach Christina Coon will all be on both of the below team flights.
Thunder Water Polo Coach Flight-Girls:  Flying between Dallas-Forth Worth Airport (DFW) and San Francisco Airport (SFO)

  • Depart Friday, July 27th:  United #699 depart DFW at 7:25 am, arrive SFO at 9:15 am
  • Return Tuesday, July 31st:  United #905 depart SFO 7:25 pm, arrive DFW 12:53 am (next morning)
  • For athletes not on the Coach Flight (and not flying with their parents), the coaches/team parents will meet athletes at baggage claim of San Francisco Airport on Friday, July 22nd. 
  • Coaches/Team Parents will make sure athletes get thru security & on their return flights on Tues., July 26th

NJO Expo and College Coach Meet & Greet:  Many athletes have asked about attending the NJO Expo/College Coach Meet and Greet.  The College Coach Meet and Greet is only for upcoming seniors, and we will take a group of athletes to the location on Wednesday, July 27th.  For more information on the College Coach Meet and Greet, please refer to  Those athletes wanting to participate in the College Coach Meet & Greet MUST register online at the website.  Again, we will only be taking those interested and that are upcoming seniors.  The rest of the NJO Expo is mostly only an opportunity to purchase t-shirts, etc (they will be selling apparel at most of the pool locations). 

Twitter for NJO’s:  For the National Junior Olympics, Thunder Water Polo Boys and Girls will use the "ThunderPolo" Twitter account for parents, family and friends to follow along with the teams in California.  The team coaches will be sending out scores and team updates throughout the event for both boys and girls (simple and easy, you will not receive unnecessary texts).  Not on Twitter?  No problem.  Below are the directions for people to sign-up below (either through your cell phone or on the computer).  Everyone can either follow online at or get texts through their cell phones (to view online, you do NOT need to register). 

  • Already on Twitter?  Text to 40404, send “follow ThunderPolo”, and follow directions.  Online, go to and click “follow”.  When/if you want to stop following, you can just text "off ThunderWaterPolo" to 40404.
  • New to Twitter?  Text to 40404 and send “follow ThunderPolo”.  Via texts, you will be asked to set-up an account (user name and password).  Online, go to, to register as a Twitter user, activate your mobile phone in your profile, and then click “follow” at the ThunderPolo twitter site. 

Basic Itinerary (detailed itinerary will be sent once the schedule is finalized):  The athletes will be on a VERY busy schedule throughout the trip.  There will be curfews,  room checks, etc.  for the athletes throughout the trip.  The hotel also has a free breakfast every morning for the athletes and the team will eat lunch and dinner between games throughout the event.  While on the trip, the athletes will play and watch water polo but also attempt to see the sites in the area (time permitting).  The athletes WILL NOT be stuck in a hotel during the trip.  Yes, the purpose is to play water polo and learn, but also to have a life experience and have fun.  All of the athletes will need to bring plenty of food money for the five days as well as money for souvenirs and other activities (sightseeing, movies, etc.).  NOTE:  All pool locations will be outside.  Athletes will need to bring lots of sunscreen, and we will need parents to help supply the coaches with plenty of water for the team benches during and after the games.

Athlete Money, Meals, Sightseeing:  We will NOT be sitting in the hotel rooms while on the trip.  Yes, there will be times when the team will be resting, but for the most part each day will be packed with things to do (games, cheering other teams, and doing other activities).  Athletes should bring money for meals, spending money for souvenirs, and money for movies and other activities.   We will NOT do major theme parks during the tournament, but we will try to go to the beach at least once. 

Group Transportation:  All athletes will be traveling in team vans driven by the coaches/parent leaders.  Parents will need to organize their own local transportation. 

Hotel Information:  La Quinta Inn & Suites – Freemont/Silicon Valley, 46200 Landing Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538, Phone:  (510) 445-0808.  The Thunder Water Polo Group rate is $129/night (average nightly rate).  The hotel will provide complimentary breakfast, free parking, and free wifi.  To make reservations (parent rooms), please call (510) 445-0808 by Wednesday, June 29th and ask for the “Thunder Water Polo” rate.  All rooms for those athletes staying with the team have already been reserved (no need to call hotel).