Thunder Holiday Game Day - Final Results & Standings - 2016 (PDF)

Date:  Friday, December 30, 2016

Location: Southlake-Carroll ISD Aquatic Center, 1501 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX

Divisions, Teams, & Final Standings:

Red Division: 
1. Team Snowball
2. Team Snowman
3. Team Snowflake
4. Team Snowangel

White Division: 
1. Team Blitzen
2. Team Dancer
3. Team Comet
4. Team Rudolph

Blue Division: 
1. Team Reindeer
2. Team Penguin
3. Team Moose
4. Team Yeti


Thunder Alumni - Boys
1. Boys Alumni
2. Thunder Boys

Thunder Alumni - Boys
1. Thunder Girls
2. Girls Alumni


Format:  All teams will play at least two games within each of the three divisions.  All games will be 5:00 minute periods using USA Water Polo rules with two minutes between each period.  All teams will have two timeouts per game.  If needed, overtime will be 3:00 minute Sudden Victory periods (first team that scores wins).  There will be warm-up balls provided, warm-up space between the two courses, and separate sets of game caps at each pool.  Team listed first wears white caps/starts left of the table.  Play Hard & Have Fun!!!

Thunder Holiday Game Day RESULTS – Friday, December 30th in Southlake

Pool #1 (Diving Boards/Scoreboard)
1:00 Team Snowman-15 v. Team Snowflake-11 (Red)
1:45 Win 1:00 P#1-Team Snowman-6 v. Win 1:00 P#2-Team Snowball-14 (Red-1st/2nd)
2:30 Team Rudolph-9 v. Team Dancer-10 (White)
3:15 Win 2:30 P#1-Team Dancer-4 v. Win 2:30 P#2-Team Blitzen-12 (White-1st/2nd)
4:00 Thunder Boys Alumni-9 v Thunder Boys-8
5:00 Team Penguin-14 v. Team Yeti-6 (Blue)
5:45 Win 5:00 P#1-Team Penguin-11 v. Win 5:00 P#2-Team Reindeer-14 (Blue-1st/2nd)

Pool #2 (Offices//Stands)
1:00 Team Snowball-16 v. Team Snowangel-12 (Red)
1:45 Los 1:00 P#1-Team Snowflake-5 v. Los 1:00 P#2-Team Snowangel-12 (Red-3rd/4th)
2:30 Team Comet-9 v. Team Blitzen-10 (White)
3:15 Los 2:30 P#1-Team Rudolph-6 v. Los 2:30 P#2- Team Comet-7 (White-3rd/4th)
4:00 Thunder Girls Alumni-5 v Thunder Girls-6
5:00 Team Moose-7 v. Team Reindeer-14 (Blue)
5:45 Los 5:00 P#1-Team Moose-16 v. Los 5:00 P#2-Team Yeti-12 (Blue-3rd/4th)