WCA Mission Statement


The Walnut Creek Aquanuts is a world-renowned artistic swimming club based in Walnut

Creek, California. Our mission is to develop athletes from novice to elite, building both bodies and minds and instilling skills that will serve our swimmers throughout their lifetime.

WCA Core Values

The Walnut Creek Aquanuts strive to develop elite athletes and those with a passion for the sport of artistic swimming. We are a non-profit organization, committed to creating an environment that provides athletes with the opportunities to have fun and become team players and leaders who practice exemplary ideals of sportsmanship. Our goal is to nurture confidence, responsibility, commitment, compassion, and respect, in an atmosphere where dedication and reaching one’s full potential is everyone’s focus. We will encourage the value of hard work, the importance of time management, and the worth of a healthy lifestyle. Athletes will experience how to work towards a goal and the joys and the disappointments of competition in a supportive setting. Travel, meeting athletes from around the globe, and creating lifelong friends are all part of the Aquanut experience, as is working together to foster goodwill within the community.