Meet Job Descriptions

The following are detailed descriptions of each position needed on deck during a swim meet. If you have further questions or are interested in any of the positions please contact [email protected]

Runs meets, starts swimmers in each event. Experience required.Serves as public address announcer. Makes general announcements prior to meet starting. Announces each event (event #, gender, age group, stroke, and distance) and subsequent heat numbers. Starts each heat with a strong voice and consistent and predictable cadence. Ensures fair starts; calls false starts. With assistance from bullpen, timers, and runners combines heats when possible. Continually verifies that others on the pool deck (coaches, timers, runners, bullpen, stroke and turn judges) are "in synch" so the meet runs smoothly. Meets with each group or group leader before the meet; slows or stops meet if any group is not ready. Communicates with coaches and pool deck leaders if there are activities that are slowing the pace of the meet. Starts the meet ON TIME, and keeps the pace of the meet moving as quickly as possible.

Stroke and Turn  
Judges legality of swimmer's individual strokes and turns. Judges relay starts. 
Must be USS or league certified.

Place Judge 
One place judge represents each team in a meet. These judges stand at either side of the pool deck and visually check for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place. At the end of a heat, they hand signal the results to each other. The home team place judge then fills out the place sheet and hands it to the runner with the time cards. The place judge also works with the stroke and turn judge to record any disqualifications.

Runners must pick up time cards from timers in each lane and place slips from the Place Judge and hand to scorer at the scoring table after each event. Runners must move quickly in order to keep the swim meet moving efficiently. Runners should plan to wear sneakers!! 

The Recorder files WSA time cards by Event Number grouping. The cards within each
event number are filed by Heat Number and Place Finish within each heat. When needed, the recorder helps to fill out second heat sheets with swimmer names and


Responsibility regarding parents:
· Contact parents assigned to the bullpen before each meet to ensure participation.
· Make necessary substitutions.
· Meet with parents prior to the start of the meet to communicate their location and responsibilities during the meet.
· Designate one parent to work with Jenny to co-ordinate swimming changes during the meet.

Responsibility regarding swimmers:
· Responsible for placing swimmers in correct order, based on heat and lane number.
· Line up and organize swimmers so that the swimmer arrives with their time cards to the appropriate lane in a timely manner.

Report to head timer on pool deck ½ hour before meet starts to be issued a stop watch, pencil and clipboard. You will be assigned lanes at this time. Responsibility is to time swimmers in each event that are assigned to your lane. Meet with starter 15 minutes prior to start of meet to discuss any specifics related to meet. Report to assigned lane 5 minutes prior to start of meet. On the “go” signal, (whistle or light- starter will specify) start watch. At finish, stop watch and record time on the swimmers card that has been handed to you by the runner assigned to your lane. Ask swimmer coming out of the water their name and verify it with the name on the card. Hand cards to runner who will pick up cards at the end of each event. Assist starter in combining heats if requested by the starter. Head Timer runs a back up watch for each event in case there are any mechanical difficulties and timers watch does not run. Timers will signal to head timer for back up. Timers need to be present until finish of the meet.

Records name, place and time for each event and all heats included in the event. Together with opposing team, calculates overall score for the swim meet.