2021-22 Tryout Info

The Wellesley Swimming Association (WSA) is hosting
Swim Team Tryouts for the 2021-2022 season


The Wellesley Swimming Association (WSA) is hosting tryouts for the 2021-2022 season on Saturday, September 18th at the Boston Sports Institute located at 900 Worcester St in Wellesley, MA. Online registration for tryouts should be completed prior to September 16th, 2021.


When:  Saturday, September 18, 2021

  • 8 & Under Swimmers: Arrive for 3:40p, done by 4:40p
  • 9 & 10 Swimmers: Arrive for 4:20p, done by 5:20p
  • 11 & Older Swimmers: Arrive for 5:00p, done by 6:00p

Where: Boston Sports Institute

            900 Worcester St.
            Wellesley, MA 02482


Who:    Open to prospective new swimmers; advance registration required. 

WSA is a non-profit private family-oriented swim team that provides an organized program of competitive swim training and team competition for boys and girls, ages 6-18.


WSA Team Tryouts

  • Tryouts for WSA will be held on Saturday, September 18th at the Boston Sports Institute. 

  • Online tryout pre-registration is required.

  • There are no limits on the number of swimmers who try out for the team. 

  • Current WSA swimmers do not need to try out.

  • No walk-in registrations will be allowed on the day of the tryout.

  • The fee for tryouts is $30/swimmer.

Tryout FAQs

Important COVID information

Everyone under 18 needs a mask, no spectators, no minor access to locker rooms.

All swimmers must be in swimsuit upon arrival and leave wearing it, no changing.


How old do you have to be to try out for WSA? 

Swimmers on the team range in age from 6 - 18. 


A child's age group is determined by their chronological age as of November 1, 2021, pursuant to League rules. For instance, if a child turns 9 in the month of October they will try out in the 9-10 age group as that is the group they will be required to swim in during the season.


Swimmers must be accompanied by one of their parents through the tryout registration process. All swimmers should arrive at the tryout in their bathing suits. We strongly encourage bathing caps for girls and goggles if so desired by the swimmer.


How many swimmers do you expect to try out for the team?

We have no way of knowing prior to the tryouts how many swimmers will be trying out for the team. We've had a very successful team over the past few years. As such, we expect there will continue to be quite a bit of interest in our team.


How many swimmers will you be accepting?

Our team is typically comprised of approximately 180-190 swimmers broken down into 5 different age groups. We do not have a set number of total swimmers in any particular age group that we cannot exceed, but our numbers must ensure that we can adequately coach all team members and maintain a balance between all of the age groups. Our overall team size is limited by the amount of pool time for practices and meets. As in prior years, all of the team members from last year are given the option to join the team this year without having to try out again. The number of returning swimmers will directly impact the number of new swimmers that we can accept and we will not have final numbers on returning swimmers until just prior to tryouts. 


What will the swimmers be asked to do for the tryout?

Tryouts are run like a "mini" swim meet. Swimmers will be given a chance to warm up in lanes and then will be timed swimming 25 yards (1 lap) (ages 6 - 10) or 50 yards (2 laps) (ages 11 - 18) in all 4 competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly). During the actual timed portion of the tryout they will be swimming against other swimmers in the same age bracket.

We suggest that you discuss with your child, especially the younger children, what they will be asked to do during the tryout prior to bringing them to the tryout.


If my child has no prior swim team experience can they still try out for the team?

Most certainly. Although we do not require our swimmers to have prior swim team experience, the majority of the swimmers trying out typically have had some type of swim team experience. 


Will I be able to accompany my child into the pool area during the tryout?

Parents are prohibited from going onto the pool deck. Parents have to wait outside of the pool area (in the main hall). Kids may be picked up at the pool exit door after their tryout session.

How is the decision made to accept or not accept a swimmer?

All decisions to accept or not accept a swimmer who tries out for the team are made solely by the coaches. Decisions are based upon a number of factors including swimming times, form, number of total swimmers in the particular age and gender group and prior swimming experience. The decision of the coaches to accept or reject a swimmer is final but any swimmer who does not make the team may certainly try out again in a future year. We remind parents that we expect there to be multiple heats of each age group at the tryouts. Your child's performance is being compared against all children trying out in their age group, not just those in their tryout heat.

When will you notify everyone of the results of the tryouts?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept all the swimmers who try out. All swimmers who try out will receive an email from us notifying them whether or not they have been accepted onto the team. As in prior years, we expect to email notifications one week after the tryouts. 


Families of accepted swimmers will be able to complete the online registration process once they've received that notification. Once registered, parents/guardians can access the sign-up for volunteer shifts. All WSA parents are required to submit a CORI form before serving any volunteer shifts.


If accepted, a parent or guardian will also be required to attend a mandatory Parents-Only meeting in October.  


Can I be put on the WSA mailing list or obtain paperwork prior to the tryout?

For financial reasons, we do not send out any mailings to prospective swimmers. If you are interested in trying out for WSA, you must register online prior to the tryout date.  Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the pool area if they are not registered in advance.


Do you accept swimmers who are not Wellesley residents?

Most definitely. The largest percentage of our swimmers are Wellesley residents but we also have swimmers from many other Boston area towns, such as Dedham, Dover, Medfield, Millis, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Sherborn, Weston and Westwood.


If my child makes the team how many meets can they miss?

We are looking for swimmers who are committed team members. We would like all of our swimmers to attend all meets and require swimmers to attend championships in early March. While occasional conflicts are inevitable, we would like them kept to a minimum. The meet schedule and locker room assignment schedule will be distributed as soon as it is finalized in November, allowing ample time to resolve conflicts. Swimmers must compete in a minimum of 5 dual meets in order to attend Championships. In addition, any WSA swimmer who does not swim in 5 dual meets will be required to attend tryouts the following year.


What if my child wants to try out for the team but cannot attend on that date?

Although we would prefer to have everyone attend the tryouts on that date, we understand that illness or conflicts can sometimes prevent a swimmer from attending on that particular day. If you need to schedule a tryout on a different day you must e-mail WSA ([email protected]) and the coaches will schedule a tryout for your child at the beginning of the first practice. We cannot, however, guarantee that there will be any remaining spots on the team after the tryout date. If your child is added to the team after the first practice, you will be responsible for contacting the Equipment Coordinator to purchase the necessary equipment. The tryout fee will remain at $30 per swimmer for swimmers who try out after the tryout date.


WSA arranges for quality training facilities, coaching and swim meets from October through March. The team has eight highly experienced and dedicated coaches. WSA values team spirit and sportsmanship in a competitive atmosphere. Swimmers are encouraged to reach their potential through hard work and great instruction!  

WSA swimmers and families love to swim and to have FUN!

 Come see what WSA is all about!