Flyers Parent Assistance Committee (PAC)

Are you a parent who wants to be more involved?  The committee meets approximately an hour a month, will help determine the needs of all Flyers teams (Developmental, Competitive, and Cranford) and will help with the home track meet.  Contact [email protected] for more information. 


The purpose of the PAC is to support the mission of the Westfield Area Y by supporting, advocating, and helping to deliver a quality Y developmental and competitive experience for all team members.

The PAC will:

  *Interface with all team parents/guardians and team members to help ensure a common understanding of the Flyers Club Philosophy.

  *Help deliver important team program functions such as: track and field meets, fundraising activities, team public relations, marketing, publicity, and social activities.

  *Help advocate for the Flyers Track Club to the team families, the coaches (Head Coach and Assistant/Event Coaches) the Westfield Area Y, and the larger Y and track and field community.

  *Help support the Flyers teams in the achievement of their goals in a positive atmosphere.

  *Help to guide and encourage the team members to achieve sportsman-like conduct, a high level of competitive effort, personal satisfaction and fun, and a sense of responsibility to the Westfield Area Y Flyers team and the coaching and administrative staff.

Committee Officer Positions:

The Chair shall preside over all meetings and supervise the business affairs of the Committee.  The Chair is an official representative of the PAC and a member of all Standing Committees.  The Chair with the Senior Director, Associate Director- Physical Programs and Vice-Chair will appoint all PAC/Standing Committee members.

The Vice-Chair shall conduct all meetings in the absence of the Chair and shares in all Chair duties and responsibilities.  The Vice-Chair with the Senior Director, Associate Director- Physical Programs, and Chair will appoint all PAC/Standing Committee chairs.  The Vice-Chair will provide leadership to the PAC Flyers Meet Director and be ultimately responsible for driving the success of the Flyers Track & Field Meet.  The Vice-Chair will also serve as a new parent liaison, welcoming them to the team and providing appropriate support.

The Secretary shall keep complete records of the PAC meetings, including creation of meeting minutes and attendance at each meeting.

The Treasurer shall provide a monthly report recapping the financial status of the PAC accounts.  The Treasurer must maintain written records of the club’s finances.  The Treasurer will draft and submit for PAC review and approval of the parent committee budget. Any and all monies will be held by the Westfield Area Y in a custody account.

Standing Committee Positions: (Committees shall meet as needed to accomplish their Chart of Work)

Fund Raising & Team Social Coordinator shall work with the Westfield Area Y to publicize the activities and accomplishments of the team.  This person will develop other means of communication to promote team activities and image to the team and the larger community.  All media releases, ads etc. must be reviewed and approved by the Senior Director.  In the absence of the Westfield Area Y Physical Programs Administrative Coordinator, this person is also responsible for the recording and maintaining of records for all age divisions and events for the Flyers track & field/cross country program.  This person should notify the Senior Director and Head Coach when a record is set.

Flyers Meet Director works with the management of the Y for the successful implementation of the annual Flyers Track & Field Meet.  This includes all marketing, administration, budgeting, registration of participants, and operations of the meet.  This position will oversee a committee of Flyers PAC members and other volunteers to accomplish a successful Flyers Track & Field Meet.

Flyers Meet Committee will handle the preparation, set-up and break-down of Flyers Track & Field Meet equipment and supplies.  The committee will handle the recruiting and training of volunteer track officials to help the day of the meet.  Training will occur in accordance with the governing bodies of the sport and ensure fair competition.  This committee will work closely with the Meet Director.  The committee will appoint a volunteer coordinator from amongst themselves and this individual shall oversee all volunteer assignments and track all volunteer hours, to ensure that all families are participating equally.  He/She will oversee the volunteer schedule and assign volunteers for jobs as needed.  The committee will handle soliciting sponsorships and/or donations for the Flyers Track & Field Meet.  This group will work with the Senior Director in advance of soliciting businesses or individuals as all solicitations must be approved in advance by the Development Director of the Y.  The committee will oversee all operations of the concession stand for the Flyers Track & Field Meet.  This includes solicitation/purchasing and storage of food, beverages, and supplies.  Other items will be asked of the committee (as needed) to ensure a successful meet.

All PAC Members are equally responsible to implement the fundraising plan through yearly activities for the team and in coordination with the Y.  They will be responsible for coordinating special event activities which raise funds for the team such as team banquets, fun team socials, food sales, etc.  The focus of the social events may or may not be to raise funds (i.e., bring a friend day).  All proposed fundraising activities must be reviewed and approved by the Senior Director in advance of publicizing the event or activity.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Flyers Track Club, contact Greg Hatzisavvas at 908-233-2700 x251 or email [email protected].