18 & Under World 100s
Pacific Swimming
Level 1

Reno Aquatic Club 2020/2021 Current Meet Schedule

Meets will be added as the season progresses and meets are finalized

  • TYR Pro Swim Series - Mission Viejo, CA - April 7 - 11 (qualifying times required)
  • TYR 18 & Under Spring Cup - Des Moines, Iowa - April 29 - May 2 (qualifying times required)
  • Carson Tigersharks Intermountain Classic - Carson City - May 28 - 31 (all can go)
  • Olympic Trials - Omaha, NE - June 4 - 7 OR June 13 - 20 (qualifying times required)
  • RENO Gamble - Reno - June 18 - 20 (all can go)


- The schedule is subject to change.

- Communication is key regarding your child’s meet schedule!

- This is a suggested meet schedule and meets are not required. As a team, we like to do our best to support local meets. 

- If a meet is listed as “All” that does not necessarily mean your child will be going to the meet. “All” means all groups are eligible to go, but please check with your child’s coach. 

- Each swimmer’s meet schedule will be unique based on a variety of factors (qualifying standards, training cycles, competition level, etc.).

- If a meet requires qualifying time standards, these meets will be discussed with your child on an individual basis. 

- If Mini Reno swimmers are interested in participating in a meet, please check with your coach to see if your child is ready to compete. 

- Blue and Junior swimmers are recommended to participate in a minimum of one day of local meets. Please check with your child’s coach to determine which events your child is ready for. If the meet is not local (example: Spring Splash in Folsom), please check with your child’s coach.

- For Orange, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National swimmers, your child’s coach will recommend which meets to attend.