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Reno Aquatic Club 2022 / 2023 MEET SCHEDULE

Meets may be added as the season progresses and meets are finalized

       * SEPTEMBER 16-18  MOLLY LAHLUM MEMORIAL @ Minden (All Team)
       * OCTOBER 7-9           CCA SPOOKTACULAR @ Roseville CA (All Team)
       * OCTOBER 21-23       RENO KING OF THE HILL @ Carson City (All Team)
       * NOVEMBER 10-13     NEVADA STATE MEET @ Las Vegas (Qualifying Times needed)
       * DECEMBER 2-4        WINTER JO'S @ TBA (Qualifying Times needed)
       * DECEMBER 2-4        TUALATIN HILLS WINTER INVITE @ Beaverton, OR (Qualifying Times needed 13-Over)
       * DECEMBER 7-10      USA SWIMMING WINTER JUNIOR NATIONALS @ Austin, TX (Qualifying Times needed)
       * DECEMBER 10-12    SPARKS IMX CHALLENGE @ Carson City (All Team)
       * JANUARY 7-8            PACIFIC COAST ALL STAR MEET @ TBA (Qualifying Times needed)
       * JANUARY 13-15        CARSON BLIZZARD BLAST @ Carson City (All Team)
       * FEBRUARY 26          ZONE 4 CHALLENGE MEET @ TBA
       * MARCH 2-5                CAL / NEVADA SR SECTIONALS @ TBA (Quallifying Times needed)
       * MARCH 10-12            PACIFIC SWIMMING 14-UN JO'S @ TBA (Qualifying Times needed)
       * MARCH 23-26            SR ZONES @ Federal Way, WA (Qualifying Times needed)
       * MARCH ????             ALL TEAM MEET Yet to be determined.


  • May 27-29 Intermountain Classic Carson NV LCM (All Team)
  • June 10-12 Summers Sanders Roseville LCM  (Qualify Times)
  • June 17-19  Reno Gamble Reno, NV LCM (All Team)
  • June 30-July 3 Arena Grand Challenge @ Clovis (Qualfying Times)- Nat'l + Sr. groups only, click HERE to commit to this meet
  • July 15 Silver State Champs Reno NV  LCM (All Team) - Click HERE to enter on omeswimconnection.com
  • July 20-24 Central California JO, Clovis CA LCM (Qualify times).  Click HERE to commit to this meet.
  • July 26-30 Senior Zones Clovis CA  LCM (Qualify times/ Team Travel). Click HERE to commit to this meet.
  • July 27-30 Futures Championships @ Santa Clara, CA (Qualifying times)
  • Aug 1-5 Summer Juniors LCM @ Irvine, CA (Qualify times)
  • Aug 5-7 Douglas Dolphins Summer Champs @ Minden (All Team) Click HERE to enter on omeswimconnection.com

- The schedule is subject to change.

- Communication is key regarding your child’s meet schedule!

- This is a suggested meet schedule and meets are not required. As a team, we like to do our best to support local meets. 

- If a meet is listed as “All” that does not necessarily mean your child will be going to the meet. “All” means all groups are eligible to go, but please check with your child’s coach. 

- Each swimmer’s meet schedule will be unique based on a variety of factors (qualifying standards, training cycles, competition level, etc.).

- If a meet requires qualifying time standards, these meets will be discussed with your child on an individual basis. 

- If Mini Reno swimmers are interested in participating in a meet, please check with your coach to see if your child is ready to compete. 

- For White,Orange, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National swimmers, your child’s coach will recommend which meets to attend.