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Plan to Return - 6/6/20

Ryan Evans

Happy Friday!

After nearly 3-months out of the water, we are able to return tomorrow! I am looking forward to being back at the pool. Senior/National will have practice from 7:30 - 9:30 AM; Pre-Senior will go from 7:30 - 9 AM.
Tomorrow’s practice will be a dress rehearsal for the new safety procurers being implemented. The City and Reno Aquatic Club will monitor how tomorrow goes then we will make any adjustments necessary. Therefore, I am just sending this email to parents of Pre-Senior, Senior, and National swimmers. Before Monday’s practice, I will send a team-wide email detailing the procedures for all groups. 
Safety will be the top priority. The coaching staff will do our best to follow the new requirements, but please be patient with this new process. If you or your child aren’t comfortable returning to the water yet that is completely fine. Although I anticipate tomorrow being successful, it may take a few days for the process to be seamless. 
Here are the policies/procedures for tomorrow:
If your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19, he/she must not attend practice. Click here for a symptoms list from the CDC.
- Swimmers will enter and exit Idlewild via the north gate. This is the gate opposite the building. When swimmers arrive tomorrow, Julie and I will be directing the swimmers to the appropriate place in the facility.
- We ask that congregating after practice be avoided. Swimmers need to be promptly picked up after practice. If a swimmer can drive, he/she will need to directly proceed to their vehicle.
- Swimmers must arrive in their swimsuits. The locker room will not be available to change.
- Swimmers will also have to leave practice in their suits. If needed, showers will be available after practice for a quick rinse, but there will be no changing in the locker rooms. Deck changing is prohibited. 
- The restrooms will be available but no more than 5 people will be allowed to use the restroom at one time.
- We will be limited to 3 swimmers per lane. Idlewild will be set-up short course. This will allow us to have 48 swimmers in the water.
- For tomorrow’s practice, Julie and I will have a plan to accommodate 3 swimmers per lane and maintain the required social distancing. A lot of this will be trial and error though and may require adjustments as we move forward.
Social Distancing
The City of Reno is asking that social distancing be observed. Parents, please remind your swimmers to do their best in regards to social distancing. Coaches will remind swimmers, but ultimately the coaches need to be coaching and not constantly policing the social distance rules.
At this time, due to requirements from the City, parents will not be allowed to observe practice from inside the facility, including the cement bleachers. If you would like to observe practice, I recommend watching from the hill on the west side of the facility. As the state moves into the next phase, the City will most likely allow parents to watch practice from inside the facility.
Although the Governor said pools can operate at 50% capacity (this would be 350 people at Idlewild), the City of Reno is using the mass gathering requirement of 50 people as their guide for Idlewild. With the practice schedule, group sizes, and coaching staff, we will be right at the 50 person capacity. This is the main reason parents will be prohibited inside the facility.
Getting Back to Normal
On a personal note, Lauren and I decided to put Alta back into preschool a few weeks ago. Just like all of you, we want what’s best for our kids, but we did have some fear and anxiousness leading up to her return. After experiencing Alta’s return to school, Lauren wrote the following that I want to share with the RENO parents: 
"It seems as though we have started to see a shift in our society toward a reopening and return to a new normal. As this starts to occur, an important sensation and feeling should be addressed. The feeling I am referring to is fear. 

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent choices to shut down many facets of our life as Americans, I have heard a repeated refrain which is to "not live in fear."

When we get the green light to go forward with reopening of the pools, fear will be a big sensation on top of parents' and kids’ minds. Understand that fear is not bad. It will be there. We will be afraid of many, many, things, including the virus itself, when we open back up. Fear is a part of the human condition, as is suffering and pain. We will feel all of this when we go back to the pools again. 

The most important thing is what we do with our fear. We could let it overwhelm us to where we are unable or unwilling to function. We don’t want to feel pain or suffering, so we avoid it. On the other hand, the right choice is to keep fear in it’s rightful place - as a warning to us and helper in decision making - and to lean into the trust. 

A great element of trust will be put into our coaches, our facilities, our parents, and our children to do what we can to keep each other safe. But there is so much out of our control. So, most of our trust must be put elsewhere. We have to trust that going back to the pool and to practice is the right thing to do and to be brave in doing so. 

We all want what is best for our children. Our children are our future, and we must teach them right now that it is OK to have fear, but we cannot let it paralyze ourselves. We must lean into the trust."
I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Thank you!