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Update for Orange, White, Blue, and Mini - 6/5/20

Ryan Evans
Happy Friday!
Reno Aquatic Club will have their Pre-Senior, Senior, and National groups returning to the pool tomorrow! It’s been nearly 3-months since we have had practice. The coaches and I are excited to return to the pool deck. The Orange, White, Blue, and Mini groups will return on Monday.
Tomorrow’s practice will be a dress rehearsal for the new safety procedures RENO and the City are putting in place. I sent an email to parents of Pre-Senior, Senior, and National swimmers with the safety plan for tomorrow. I did not send this email to parents of Orange, White, Blue and Mini, because, based on how tomorrow goes, there may be some adjustments. I will send the safety plan to all parents this weekend after evaluating how Saturday’s practice goes. 
I know this is a crazy time, and we understand if parents and/or swimmers aren’t quite ready to return to the pool. If your family is not ready that is completely fine. Safety for swimmers, parents, coaches, and the community is our priority.
On a personal note, my wife, Lauren, and I sent our daughter, Alta, back to preschool a few weeks ago. Just like all of you, we want what’s best for our kids, but we did have some fear and anxiousness leading up to her return. After experiencing Alta’s return to school, Lauren wrote the following that I want to share with the RENO parents: 
"It seems as though we have started to see a shift in our society toward a reopening and return to a new normal. As this starts to occur, an important sensation and feeling should be addressed. The feeling I am referring to is fear. 

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent choices to shut down many facets of our life as Americans, I have heard a repeated refrain which is to "not live in fear."

When we get the green light to go forward with reopening of the pools, fear will be a big sensation on top of parents' and kids’ minds. Understand that fear is not bad. It will be there. We will be afraid of many, many, things, including the virus itself, when we open back up. Fear is a part of the human condition, as is suffering and pain. We will feel all of this when we go back to the pools again. 

The most important thing is what we do with our fear. We could let it overwhelm us to where we are unable or unwilling to function. We don’t want to feel pain or suffering, so we avoid it. On the other hand, the right choice is to keep fear in it’s rightful place - as a warning to us and helper in decision making - and to lean into the trust. 

A great element of trust will be put into our coaches, our facilities, our parents, and our children to do what we can to keep each other safe. But there is so much out of our control. So, most of our trust must be put elsewhere. We have to trust that going back to the pool and to practice is the right thing to do and to be brave in doing so. 

We all want what is best for our children. Our children are our future, and we must teach them right now that it is OK to have fear, but we cannot let it paralyze ourselves. We must lean into the trust."
Please be on the lookout for an email from me with more information this weekend.
Thank you!