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The parents of Reno Aquatic Club have diverse backgrounds when it comes to swimming. Some parents participated as age groupers/high school swimmers, others competed at the collegiate level, and we have parents who haven’t swum a lap in their life. We also have many parents who come from other sports.

Swimming is such a unique sport and it can be difficult to understand at times – as swimmers and parents. Because of this, I have decided to add a “Parent Education” section in each weekly email. I envision this space being used to explain the ins and outs of training, how swim meets work, what makes an excellent swim parent, and more. 

In addition, I hope to share information that you can then use with your child, especially if your child is going through a rough patch (examples: he/she had a challenging practice, he/she had a bad swim at a meet, etc.). If the messaging to the swimmer is consistent coming from the coaches and parents, we will be able to better help him/her accomplish his/her goals.

RENO has improved so much over the last year, and I am happy with how things are going… but it is crucial to have a positive culture on the team if we want to continue to improve. I am hoping this “Parent Education” section will help continue moving the team in a positive direction. 

Each week, this page will be updated with the latest Parent Education section. Click the link below to read the archived Parent Education sections.

5/13/21 - Managing Performance Anxiety

11/4/20 - Be a Positive Example in Challenging Times

10/6/20 - Sugar Part II

9/15/20 - Sugar Part I

3/9/20 - How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

2/24/20 - Tips for Championship Meets

2/17/20 - Anyone Can Lead!

2/10/20 - How to Keep Your Swimmer Healthy

2/3/20 - How to Be an Awesome Swim Parent

1/27/20 - How Parents Can Help Their Child Develop a Great Mindset

1/21/20 - Good Sports Parent vs. Bad Sports Parent

1/13/20 - Be A Good Parent-Teammate

1/6/20 - Work Hard and Have Fun in 2020

9/30/19 - It's OK to Fail

9/9/19 - How RENO Parents Should Behave at Swim Meets

9/3/19 - The Importance of Quality Sleep

8/26/19 - The Motivation for Parent Education

7/28/19 - Too Much Pressure Can Be Crippling

7/22/19 - When to Talk with a Coach, Part 2

7/15/19 - Avoid Comparing -- It May Backfire!

7/8/19 - Be Helpful Instead of Sabotaging

7/1/19 - How to be a Super Swim Parent

6/24/19 - Dangers of Social Media

6/18/19 - Two Tips for Parents at Swim Meets

6/11/19 - New Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

6/3/19 - Developing Leaders

5/28/19 - Six Tips for Goal-Setting

5/13/19 - How to Manage the Emotional Roller Coaster

5/6/19 - Three Things to Focus on at a Big Meet

4/29/19 - Swimming is the Best Sport!

4/22/19 - Five Nutritional Strategies to Avoid

4/15/19 - How to be a Good Parent-Teammate

4/8/19 - Fail Your Way to Success

4/1/19 - Five Great Messages - Part 2

3/25/19 - Five Great Messages - Part 1

3/11/19 - What Am I Paying For?

3/4/19 - Supplements Should be Avoided for Swimmers

2/25/19 - Avoid Joysticking and Being a Lawnmower

2/19/19 - Stressed Parent = Stressed Swimmer

2/11/19 - What are Time Standards?

2/4/19 - Swim Meet Behavior

1/28/19 - Preventing Burnout

1/14/19 - Signs of Grooming

1/8/19 - Swimming: Delayed Gratification in an Instant Gratification Society

1/2/19 - Anyone Can Lead!

12/10/18 - Benefits of Mental Preparation

12/3/18 - One-Percent Rule

11/26/18 - Seven Tips to Help Grow Confidence

11/19/18 - Thanksgiving Thoughts

11/13/18 - The Power of a Positive Team

11/5/18 - Coping with Sports Performance Anxiety

10/30/18 - Coaching Your Athlete Through Positive Self-Talk

10/22/18 - When to Talk with Your Child's Coach

10/15/18 - Swim Meet 101

10/8/18 - 10 DOs/DON'Ts to Help Your Child Succeed as a Competitive Swimmer

10/1/18 - Be an Ally with your Child's Coach, Not an Enemy