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2020/2021 Season Recap
The 2020/2021 swim season wrapped up on August 31. Despite very limited racing opportunities (especially for our age group program), RENO had an amazing year. With more meets on the schedule, I fully expect RENO to have an even better 2021/2022 season.
I was hoping to be able to provide a full season recap, but with a hectic last few days I ran out of time. I apologize for this. Here is a quick summary of the last year for RENO:
Virtual Club Championship
USA Swimming ranks each club based on a set of performance criteria. This is called the Virtual Club Championships. Unlike the USA Swimming Gold, Silver, Bronze medal awards which is only based on the elite-level swimmers, the Virtual Club Championship takes into account performances from swimmers aged 11 - 18. So the VCC is a much better representation of the health of the entire team.
The 2020/2021 season was the highest ranking RENO has achieved in over a decade! Out of 2,192 swim teams across the country, RENO was 286th for long course and 333rd for short course. This is a significant improvement over the last few years, and we were the highest ranked team from our area. Here’s our VCC progression since the 2016/2017 season:

Long Course Meters

2016/2017: 623 nationally; 21 Pacific Swimming

2017/2018: 718 nationally; 25 Pacific Swimming

2018/2019: 648 nationally; 25 Pacific Swimming

2019/2020: 463 nationally; 11 Pacific Swimming

2020/2021: 286 nationally; 9 Pacific Swimming

Short Course Yards

2016/2017: 807 nationally; 31 Pacific Swimming

2017/2018: 823 nationally; 31 Pacific Swimming

2018/2019: 745 nationally; 27 Pacific Swimming

2019/2020: 720 nationally; 24 Pacific Swimming

2020/2021: 333 nationally; 12 Pacific Swimming

Other Notable Highlights: 

- One Olympic Trials participant (Emma Karam)
- One Pacific record (Emma Karam, 15-16 100y backstroke)
- 25 Reno Aquatic Club records. Since I started as head coach, RENO has set 52 team records -- nearly half of these records came from this past year! Click here for the records
- 196 Reno Aquatic Club Top-10 times - Since I started as head coach, RENO has set 424 top-10 times. Similar to the team records, nearly half of the top-10 times were set in the 2020/2021 season. Click here for the top-10 times
- 213 swims in the Pacific Top-25 for 2020/2021 - Click here for the Pacific top-times
- Our senior-level swimmers finished the year with 1 Olympic Trials qualifier, 2 Summer Junior National qualifiers, 3 Winter Junior Nationals qualifiers, 8 Futures qualifiers, 15 Sectional qualifiers. 
Way to go!