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June 2021 RENO Swimmers of the Month

Pre-Senior - Ella B.

"Ella is so much fun to have in practice and she brings a great energy to the workout. Over the past few months, Ella has worked hard on fixing her technique while tackling sets that she didn't think she could do. Ella has guts! Super proud of all she has accomplished!" - Coach Julie

Silver - Alicia J.
"Alicia is June's Silver Group swimmer of the month because of her enthusiasm and determination in both practice and at meets. She takes the time to understand skills and applies feedback. Her curiosity and positive energy are exemplary to her teammates." - Coach Benny

Orange - Beckett L.

"I truly appreciate the positive impact Beckett makes on the Orange group on a daily basis. Beckett is incredibly kind to his teammates and is always willing to do what is asked of him to keep our group running smoothly. No matter where Beckett is and no matter what we are doing, Beckett is always working hard and following directions. He makes corrections to his technique and always takes constructive feedback positively. He is a great role model for younger swimmers and exemplifies good sportsmanship and hard work! Keep up the great work, Beckett!" Coach Brendan

White - Eli P.


Eli is the swimmer of the month for White because he is a great teammate and is always ready to make practice the most fun he can! Eli loves to race and improve on his strokes and can lift any person spirits up. He is a person that anybody can go to and he is a great leader for the White group! Congratulations Eli!" - Coach Nikki


Blue - Cameron K.


Cameron is the swimmer of the month for Blue because of his positive attitude and willingness to work hard in practice every day. Cameron is very quiet, but he has a big personality that shines through in practice! He is a great friend and teammate to everybody in Blue. Congratulations Cameron!" - Coach Nikki



Mini Plus - Lucia F.


Lucia is the swimmer of the month for Mini Plus because of her constant hand work and willingness to improve on her strokes. Every day Lucia comes in with a great smile on her face that is contagious! She is a great teammate and a great leader for the Mini Plus group! Congratulations Lucia!" - Coach Nikki



Mini RENO - Neva D.
Mini RENO - Leo D.
Mini RENO - Griffin K.