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May 2021 RENO Swimmers of the Month

Pre-Senior - Oliver R.

"Oliver is the Pre-Senior Swimmer of the month. He is a fun and busy guy. He is always willing to make corrections. This last meet it has really paid off when he swam amazing! He is a great teammate and friend. Congrats Oliver!" - Coach Julie

Silver - Savannah S.

"Savanna is the Silver Swimmer of the Month. She is a role model in holding herself accountable and pushing others to do the same. Her positive mindset, along with her focus and determination add to the group environment. She challenges herself consistently and leads by example." - Coach Benny

Orange - Previn G.

"Previn's work ethic and drive to work on technique are important factors in his selection as Swimmer of the Month for Orange. He works hard to lead the lane, is receptive to technique corrections, and looks for ways to become a faster swimmer. Previn is coachable and always treats his teammates with respect. Congratulations on your hard work Previn. Its greatly appreciated." - Coach Brendan

White - Madeline S.

"Madeline is the Swimmer of the Month for the White group because of her consistent hard work and drive to improve her strokes. She is a great leader to her teammates and is always willing to help out when needed. Madeline is an absolute pleasure to coach, and she is a great addition to the White group. Congratulations Madeline!" - Coach Nikki

Blue - Gabby G.

"Gabby was chosen to be the Swimmer of the Month for May because she always comes to practice with a bright smile and the willingness to push herself to improve her strokes. Gabby is a great listener and is always asking questions to make sure she gets the most out of a drill and technique. Gabby is a great example of what it means to be a good teammate and friend for the Blue group. Congrats, Gabby!" - Coach Nikki

Mini Plus - Miles R.

"Miles is the Swimmer of the Month for May because he comes to practice every day with a positive attitude and the willingness to work hard and have fun. Miles strives to push himself every day to improve his stroke techniques all while continuing to have fun and help his teammates. Miles is an absolute pleasure to coach and is a great addition to the Mini Plus group. Congrats, Miles!" - Coach Nikki

Mini RENO - Cadence C.Gwenyth F., and Kennedy P.