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RENO Aquatic Club's preferred method of payment is by direct draw from your checking or savings account through an ACH payment. Second choice is automated credit card payment.  A convenience fee of $1.25 is charged for checking or savings account ACH payments and a convenience fee of 3.5% of the account balance is charged for credit card payments.  A convenience fee of $10 per month is charged for payments by check.
Our monthly billing is sent out through email on the 1st of every month. Dues are to be paid on the 15th of every month. If payment is not received by the 25th of each month, a late fee of $25.00 will be charged to your account.  Finance Charge of 20% of the outstanding balance on the 25th of the month is assessed. There will be a $20 charge on all NSF checks.
Team Fees and Registration Cost
Mini 1-4 & Mini Plus - $90 per month
Blue - $130 per month
Orange and White - $150 per month
Silver - $160 per month
Pre-Senior - $170 per month
Senior - $180 per month
National - $200 per month
New Swimmer Joining Fee $216.00
The joining fee is the $216 collected before the swimmer begins. The breakdown of the fees include: 
$92 for annual administrative fees
$84 for USA Swimming Registration
$40 for first month dues regardless of group
Explanation of Fees:
USA Swimming Registration Fee
All swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in sanctioned USA Swimming events must be registered as athelete members of USA Swimming. The fee also covers liability insurance for the team and swimmers. For returning swimmers, the $84 registration fee will be charged in October of each year.
Administrative Fee
This annual fee is to offset the cost incurred by the team in the operation and functioning of a competitive swim team. These fees help cover events and activities for the swimmers and their families as well as the business and administrative costs associated with the operation of the team. For returning swimmers, this fee will be collected on November of each year. The fee is per family not per swimmer.
Multiple Family Discount
Multiple Swimmer Family Discount
1st swimmer
Current Group
Pay 100%
2nd Swimmer
Next Highest Group
Pay 75% 
3rd Swimmer
Next Highest Group
Pay 67% 
4th Swimmer
Next Highest Group
No Charge
Coaches Travel Meet Fee
This fee is to offset the cost incurred for the RENO coaching staff to travel to the various meets throughout the region and nationally.  This fee will only be billed to swimmers participating in a meet. The fee will be billed after participation in the meet.  First two children pay full fee, any family member athlete after the first two will not be charged.
  • Local Meets: $5.00 (Carson City, Minden, etc.)
  • Regional Meet: $40.00 (120 miles out of Reno area)
  • Zone 4 Championships (10 & under timed finals $5.00 / 11 & over trials/finals $20)
  • Championships $50.00 (State, JO’s, Sectional, Nationals, etc.)

Notification Requirements 

All requests for extended absences or separation from the team must be written and received by the head coach and/or billing coordinator with a 30-day notice.



Medical LOA 


Dues will be waived for any illness or injury if the swimmer is absent for one or more full calendar month. (Physician written verification required.)