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Parent Volunteer Requirements

RENO Aquatic Club appreciates the time and effort contributed by all parent volunteers to help make RENO Aquatic Club the best experience for our swimmers and families.  RENO Aquatic Club utilizes a Parent Volunteer Program to provide volunteer opportunities for every family.  Parent Volunteer hours are available for social events such as the annual meeting, team hosted swim meets, timing at non

 team hosted swim meets, USA Swimming Officials and fundraisers such as the SWIM 4 FUNDS event.  

Parent Volunteer hours are available for jobs at various events as well as donated items for our team hosted meets and other events.  Please check the HOME page of the website frequently under EVENTS on the right side of the HOME page to see various volunteer opportunities.  All volunteer time and donations are automatically recorded and credited to individual accounts using the website JOB SIGNUP tab.  See instructions for JOB SIGNUPS below. 

Parent Volunteer Program Annual Requirements (September 1 to August 31 of following year)

  • Mini Reno:  2 hours for the year
  • Blue/Orange/White:  10 hours for the year
  • Pre-Senior:  20 hours for the year
  • Senior Group:  30 hours for the year
  • National Group:  40 hours for the year
  • Families need to have met hour requirement for oldest child in the highest group, it is not cumulative. If hours are not met, the family will be charged $20 per hour.


To sign up for volunteer jobs on the website:

Log into your account using your email login and password

On the HOME page, there are a list of events on the bottom of the HOME page under EVENTS

If volunteer signups are available for a particular event, there will be a “JOB SIGNUP” button next to each event

Click the “JOB SIGNUP” button for the event that you would like to volunteer

Check the box (by clicking on the box) for each job for which you want to volunteer.  You can click multiple boxes if you wish.

Then click the green colored “SIGN UP” button at the top of the list of jobs or at the bottom of the list of jobs and you will see that your name will appear next to the jobs that you checked.

If for any reason you decide that you are not available to volunteer, you retrace these steps by clicking the box next to the job that you want to cancel and then click the red colored  “REMOVE SIGNUP” button and your name will be removed. 

To check the status of your parent volunteer hours:

Log into your account using your email login and password

Click “ MY ACCOUNT “ from the list on the left side of the HOME Page

Click “$MY INVOICE/PAYMENT” from the drop down menu

Click “SERVICE HOURS” from the tab

All of the volunteer service hours will be automatically credited to your account after an event has been completed.  If for any reason volunteer hours are not showing in your account, please contact one of the Parent Volunteer Program Administrator Teri Galvin ([email protected]).

 Questions?  Contact Teri Galvin tmg713@yahoo.com