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Throughout the year, we have several swimmers (and parents) who will be attending their first swim meet. Swim meets are a lot of fun and a chance for your child to showcase his/her hard work. For swim meet rookies, it can be intimidating. Hopefully the information below will make your first swim meet a success! 

I found an outstanding swim meet 101 from the YMCA Birmingham team. Click here to access it. Please note: meets in Northern Nevada usually do not have a "Clerk of Course" as described in this document. Swimmers will just need to be behind the blocks and paying attention to when it will be their turn to swim.

In addition to the document, here are a few important things I want to highlight:

- If you have a question… ask! Remember, even the most seasoned swim parents had a first swim meet, and they most likely had the same questions you have. If you are unsure about anything, ask another parent, an older swimmer, a coach, etc.

- Show up on time and be sure your child is ready to get in the water when warm-up starts. General warm-up usually happens an hour before the events begin. Warm-up gets the swimmer’s body ready for a day of racing and it also allows him/her to familiarize his/herself with the pool.

Over the last few meets, RENO has done a good job of all the swimmers getting in on time and starting warm-up right when the pool opens. The coaching staff wants to continue this, so please arrive on time.

- Please be sure your child checks-in with his/her coach before AND after EVERY race.

- Although the coaching staff wants to avoid swimmers from being disqualified, if a swimmer gets disqualified it is OK! Disqualifications allow the swimmer and coaches to learn from their mistakes and work to prevent a DQ from happening again. If your swimmer gets disqualified, please don’t get mad at the swimmer (and especially the official), rather use it as a learning lesson.

- The main priority of the coaches at swim meets are the swimmers. Please be mindful of that. If you have questions or need to speak to a coach, please try to do that at an appropriate time. Although your swimmer may not be racing at that moment, there is a good chance the coach has another swimmer in the water that they need to be focused on.

- Meets have different rules on where parents can be. This can change from meet-to-meet and pool-to-pool. If a meet has an area that is designated for swimmers, coaches, and officials only, please respect the rule. Usually these areas are behind the coaches’ tables and the starting blocks.

- Most importantly, have fun!