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Thank you for your interest in having your child join Reno Aquatic Club! 

RENO has been the premier swim team in Northern Nevada since 1973. Our coaches have years of experience and have produced outstanding results. Our mission statement is Developing Champions in Life Through Excellence in Swimming. We want to develop successful competitive swimmers while having fun, making lifelong memories, and creating positive habits that can be applied outside of the pool. 
To schedule a tryout please email [email protected]
When you arrive at the pool, please come onto the pool deck.  Just find a RENO coach and let them know you are there for a tryout, and they will point you in the right direction. 
The tryout is a quick assessment to see if your child is ready for the team. If they are ready, they will be placed in a specific group based on age and ability level. After the tryout, you will receive a handout with more information, cost, and how to register. 
In order to join the team, we do ask that your child can safely swim one length of the pool (25 yards). 
Unfortunately, due to limited pool space and City of Reno rules, swim teams are not allowed to conduct private one-on-one swim lessons. If your child is not ready to join the team, we would be happy to discuss options to get them ready to join the team. Additonally because of limited time and pool space we may not always have a spot immediately for your swimmer. If that is the case we can place them on a wait list and call when room opens up in the group your swimmer was placed in.

There is an initial joining fee of $216. This covers the annual team administration fee, AND your child's first month.   Separately, and immediately upon approval of your club membership you will need to enroll each athlete in USA Swimming-Pacific Swimming and you will receive an email about this after your registration with Reno Aquatic Club has been approved.

After the first month, the dues are based on which group your child is in. RENO has many different groups based on age and ability levels. Here's a breakdown of fees for each group:

Mini - $90 per month

Blue - $130 per month

White - $150 per month

Orange - $170 per month

Pre-Senior - $180 per month

Senior - $190 per month

National - $200 per month

RENO offers a complimentary week to see if the team is the right fit for you. After the first week, if you do not want to continue, your registration fee will be refunded. 

Please do not register your swimmer until they have done a tryout, been placed and verified that we have space for them on the team.

Click here to register.