There is no other summer swim program like the Kingfish Swim Club.  We are winners and we are a family.  We are winners not because we are in Division A, but because we have swimmers and parents who give 100% in the pool and on the deck from the beginning of the season through its end.  We are a family because we stick together, develop our swimmers, and represent the Kingfish name boldly and proudly in all we do.  We don’t require pool club memberships and we don’t require year-round swim commitments.  All we require is a passion for serving our phenomenal children as they excel in the sport of swimming and the rules of life.   

Kingfish is a fun, family-oriented summer swim team for five year-olds through 18 year-olds who already know how to swim.  A 20-plus years member of the Prince-Mont Swim League, Kingfish competes in five dual meets and eligible swimmers also compete in the League’s Divisional and All-Star meets.    

Our rise through the ranks of the Prince-Mont Swim League has been meteoric.  Since our 2006 ranking in the League's Division G, we’ve enjoyed several consecutive undefeated seasons that have earned us our current ranking in the League’s top Division A.  Though we’ve grown in size and competitive stature, our family-oriented culture and our fierce devotion to our swimmers remains unchanged.

Our parents are the bedrock of our program -- the best parents a swim team could have.