Rose Bowl Swim Team is led by a philosophy that hard work is needed, good sportsmanship is essential & in order for great things to happen swimmers, coaches & families must work & bond together as a TEAM. The mission of the Rose Bowl Swim TEAM is to continue to flourish as a nationally renowned program. By fostering a genuine TEAM environment, we encourage each student-athlete to realize their full potential both in & out of the pool. The Rose Bowl experience will instill positive qualities benefiting athletes far beyond their years on the TEAM.

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2019 Long Course Pacific Committee Champs – El Toro – July, 2019

Congrats Rose Bowl Families! As we head towards our Long Course Season Celebration on Saturday, the coaching staff also wanted to try to recap...

By Jeff Julian

2018-2019 Short Course Season TEAM Record Breakers

CONGRATS to all of our record breakers! Go Rose Bowl! TEAM Records – 2018-2019 Short Course Season 41 TEAM Records – 23 individual and...

By Jeff Julian

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